Some superheroes stand the test of time. Superman, Spiderman, and Batman have their blockbuster features, video games, and breakfast cereals. Others get their fifteen minutes and become just a fond childhood memory. Take the case of the flying rodent, Mighty Mouse. Big in the 30’s and 40’s, with even a small comeback in the 80’s, this so-called superhero has left the spotlight of fame and fortune… until now. Mighty Mouse is pissed, and he’s ready to spill the beans about all his superhero buddies in “The E! True Hollywood Story: Mighty Mouse.” I smell another one of those slightly amusing but crude spoofs coming along.
Done in the typical fashion of the original show, “The E! True Hollywood Story,” this one also takes the road of a popular media mogul’s life gone terribly sour. Once at the top of his game, Mighty Mouse has now become a thin shadow of his once superhero self. Other heroes loathe him. People on the street mistake him for Mickey Mouse. Soon, our hero falls into the typical shame spiral alcoholism, drugs, and cheap sex.
Watching a movie star fall to the temptations of booze and sleazy woman is always great television. Seeing a superhero mouse fall from his graces is even funnier, for about two minutes. The various interviews with friends turned foe are amusing gossip rag material, but action always speaks louder than words and one would rather see a mouse fall into a pit of despair instead of talking head interviews discussing it. Since this is a spoof and no actual footage exist on these fictional characters, anything can be made up and shot; from Mighty Mouse being arrested for a F.U.I. (Flying under the influence) to a late night orgy inside an animal shelter. There is no limit to the hijinxs that can be created. With “The E! True Hollywood Story: Mighty Mouse,” what we have with the exception of a couple of drinking binges and an indecent exposure moment, is just a verbal fist fight between superheroes. They are funny, but the repetitive. Because of this, we long for some more behind the scenes or reenactments of the crimes stated by these discussions.
Slightly amusing but in need of a little more visual aid, “The E! True Hollywood Story: Mighty Mouse” gives a couple of good jabs but is in serious need of some original sleaze to spice it up. Maybe the flying mouse should take his case up with the The Hall of Justice before going to media hounds next time.

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