By Brian Bertoldo | November 29, 1999

Imagine, one last wild weekend with your crazy friends before you get married. There’s nothing unusual about that, unless days before your wedding your fiance breaks up with you because of some pictures that surface of you in a brothel and your friends show up ready to raise hell anyway. The Deviants takes that last wild weekend scenario, drowns it in booze, drugs and carefree rampaging without the thought of consequence.
“Sloppy” Joe (Nick Stavrides) invites all his high school buddies back to their small Pennsylvania town for his bachelor weekend. His fiance, Liz (Jennifer Masser) breaks up with him after her mother, who works at the photo processor, runs across pictures of Joe taken at a whorehouse. The friends show up; Emmet “Goon” (Sean Sutherland) a quiet bespectacled weirdo, Ted “Grease” (Matthew Myers) a coke head rock-a-Billy type on the run with stolen drug money, Cliff “Scoop” (Matthew Healy) a pseudo-intellectual, Margaret “Stumpy” (Karinna Karlan) a former fat girl turned rail thin UFO abductee. Throw in some infighting, a mission to get Joe and Liz back together and an accidental break in at a jewelry store and you’ve got a weekend with The Deviants.

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