By Felix Vasquez Jr. | January 19, 2007

How much can tragedy take a toll on us? Sometimes in ways we can’t imagine. For the people in this picture, they’ve decided, as a way of remembrance, to act out the plane crash that ruined their lives seven years ago. But how thin is the line between remembrance and sheer lunacy? Bonnie and Lloyd arrive dressed in the same clothes seven years prior to run around the forest re-enacting their tragedy for the sake of their parent’s memory, but when they come across someone in the group who isn’t what either of them thought, the situation takes on a whole new perspective.

Leach’s take on tragedy is original, but otherwise confusing. The plot doesn’t full explain what the purpose of this scenario is, and when it does, it’s still not completely emphasized to where we can understand the inherent symbolism Leach is attempting to convey. Beyond that are shaky performances from the cast, and a concept in need of a longer format for the sake of further extrapolation and clarity. “The Dawn Chorus” is an original take on trauma and grief, which is why it warrants a watch.

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