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By Chris Parcellin | September 8, 2004

In the last few years low-budget horror flicks have definitely been cranked-out in a greater abundance than ever with the advent of digital video. And one of the actresses getting work in this fledgling genre is an exotic, mysterious beauty named Persephone. Her classic looks recall screen sirens of the past and yet this kinky gal is no relic. In fact, her other job as a merciless, ball-stomping dominatrix makes her a thoroughly modern lady in a thoroughly screwy world.

Her tough as nails persona crossed with her darkly dazzling sex appeal has landed her roles in flicks with stomach-churning names like “Skin-Eating Jungle Vampires” and “Blood-Spurting Vampire Freaks.” And she’s also made a name for her in the realm of fetish videos like the buttocks beating epic “Round-Robin Spank-Fest,” the aptly-titled “Stomp On Those Pests” and “There’s Something About Persephone” to name but a few. So, with more movie roles on the horizon, Persephone appears poised to widen her circle of h***y, degenerate fans.

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