What are some of your favorite horror flicks?
I am partial to Italian giallo films because they are presented in such an æsthetically beautiful manner with the exquisite lighting, wardrobe, set design and styling but occasionally others slip in like The Abominable Dr. Phibes or The Phantom of the Paradise which are just totally fantastic, Italian or not. I love Hammer Films especially the ones that starred Christopher Lee and American fare like Death Race 2000, Eating Raoul and the living dead series.
My favorite Italian films are The Bird With the Crystal Plumage, Blood and Black Lace, Black Sabbath, Black Sunday and the glittering gem, Suspiria. I love the Goblin soundtrack on that film because it sets such an eerie mood. I often listen to it at home and love dancing to it. The theme to Profondo Rosso is also quite inspiring.

What sorts of films have you been in?
Well, technically none — since everything I have ever acted in was shot on video. But outside of the six dozen or so fetish movies I have starred in, I have appeared in three low budget horror flicks. “Sandy Hook Lingerie Party Massacre” was the first and also starred Debbie Rochon. She was a real professional and I enjoyed working with her very much. The budget was less shoe-string and more dental floss so it was very interesting. It could quite possibly be the worst movie ever made and I am in it!! The others were for the same company titled “Blood-Spurting Vampire Freaks” which I have yet to see, and “Skin-Eating Jungle Vampires” which to the best of my knowledge has not yet been released. I am currently being offered a cameo in a micro-budget British horror production but until it is released, I won’t discuss it. My fetish videos have run the gamut between stocking and high heels teases to heavy corporal punishment, disciplining and training slaves through bondage and medical play. I have also been placed into bondage, made into a pony girl, or writhed around like a vampiress covered in blood.

How did you get involved with acting?
Is that what you call it? I was always in school plays in grade school. I remember playing the part of Hodel in Fiddler On the Roof in 6th grade and I was so nervous because I was the school geek and I was afraid everyone would laugh at me or spill pig’s blood all over me like in “Carrie”. I never pursued it after that, however. I got started doing fetish videos through modeling and the horror movies were something I actually stumbled upon answering an ad in The Village Voice when I lived in NYC. It was an ad that was seen by Dionysus who runs my fan site who passed it along to me. I have a better talent for ad-lib then memorizing lines but I can be good at that too with enough time to rehearse. Basically though if you hand me a mic I can come up with an impromptu speech for any occasion. I know how to bullshit and kill time with my banter to get a crowd going. That must be why I am so often booked to MC different events from music festivals, horror cons to fetish balls.

What sort of stuff do you do as a fetish model?
Well, some of what I described above that I do in the videos crosses over into still photography. I am fascinated with the 1960s especially the horror erotica of the period and spend a lot of time doing shoots and styling myself and other models to fit this specific and lost genre.

So, what does it take to be a good dominatrix?
It takes an incredible amount of patience in order to screen through time wasters and energy vampires to cut the fat and build a clientele of decent and dedicated players. I am a professional so I don’t tolerate very much. I have been active as a pro domme since 1994 and it is very difficult to spark my interest. I see through things much easier than when I first started and because I have increasingly become busier and busier with my own projects, I do not feel the need to pander for new clientele. If it feels right I may take on new clients but it is sad to say most are a waste of my precious time. I have become very picky about who I will see or what sessions I will take on so thus I only advertise through my own website.

You hand out some pretty bad assed punishments. Can you give us a sort of overview of the stuff you do like “nail torture,” “smothering, “trampling,” and “heavy corporal?”
Nail torture: torturing someone with my fingernails.
Smothering: denying someone the breath of life through various methods.
Trampling: using a man as a rug, footstool or trampoline.
Heavy Corporal: Caning, whipping, paddling, stropping, birching; any discipline that will likely mark the subject through a thorough thrashing.

How did you like working with Julie Strain? What’s she like?
She was just the most genuine and kindest person I ever met. I don’t think it is possible for her to have a bad day. So generous and energetic. She was truly inspiring and I hope to work with her again and I am thrilled to be in her Greatest Hits book.

I think you and Julie should team-up with another kick a*s chick and do a remake of “Faster Pussycat…Kill! Kill!” What is it about Russ Meyers’ flicks that you dig?
What’s not to like? Strong, sexy women that kick a*s! Great hair, eyelashes and fantastic clothes too. Like I said, I love the 60s and I have the figure of a Russ Meyer girl! I should have played in the Carrie Nations.

Your image combines elements of horror films and S&M fashion. Who were your role models?
I have had so many idols and influences. Elvira, Vampira, Vampirella, Carolyn Monroe, Ingrid Pitt, Olga Briskin, Catherine Deneuve, Brigitte really just goes on and on. I have always been fascinated by women who are larger than life–strong but feminine.

What would be your dream projects as an actress?
I still want to be in a zombie movie and devous the brains of a priest or perhaps be a succubus who seduces the pope. Do you see a pattern here? I would also love to be Eva in the remake of Danger: Diabolik, another favorite that I failed to mention above. I love Mario Bava and the Diabolik character makes James Bond look like dog food in a steak house.

What do you think makes people want to submit to being a “slave?”
That is the million dollar question that requires much psychoanalysis on my part. Each man is as unique as the next so there is no one answer. It is about power exchange, healing old wounds, lust and desire. An old tale with many chapters to which I am just another narrator interpreting it with my own flair.

What’s the worst a*s-whipping you’ve ever handed out to anyone?
Can that be measured? It is not uncommon for blood to be drawn through a birching or caning. There have been too many of those to pick the most severe. I have done an entire line of videos based solely around corporal punishment.

What’s the biggest misconception about you?
I’m not very sure because the grapevine would have to come full circle for me to know the rumours and it rarely does. I basically get along with everyone and have a reputation for being honest, friendly and professional but those who have crossed me would say different. It is easy for people who dislike me to say I am a raging bitch through scorn, jealous or sour grapes because of the nature of my job but anyone who matters is close enough to me to know the real story. Like Andy Warhol said, life is like high school.

Who would win in a fight between you and Tura Satana?
She would, hands down. My hat goes off to her. Any woman who used to wear a blade taped to the back of her neck on her way to school gets all my respect! I wrote her an email once to tell her how much I admired her and she wrote me back very flattered. I have yet to meet her in person but she is the ultimate role model. I adore her!

What’s your message for America’s youth?
Hide your EC comics under the carpet, wear pants that fit snugly against your bum and never be afraid to try sushi. Those are three tips that will make your life very fulfilling and draw others to you.

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