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By Admin | September 14, 2004

15. Anacondas: The Hunt for the Blood Orchid ^ It offers audiences a chance to get out of the August heat for 90 minutes.

14. Shrek 2 ^ Anyone wanting to see well-crafted animated films that don’t rely exclusively on making fun of pre-existing material for their jokes should stick with Pixar.

13. The Terminal ^ There are worse movies out there than “The Terminal,” but few that feel quite so…unnecessary.

12. The Stepford Wives ^ I can’t help but think we’ve seen this before. Oh yeah, it’s called a throwaway comedy, and Hollywood produces them by the dozens each year, knowing that people will pay good money to be pandered to by bland, lowest-common denominator humor.

11. Raising Helen ^ “Raising Helen” is a prototypical romantic comedy with so much conformity that it fails to equate to anything more than a pleasant diversion.

It only gets stinkier in part three of SUMMER OF STINK 2004>>>

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