By Mark Bell | October 13, 2014

Kevin James’ The Creed is a short horror flick about Linda, an ordinary woman who works in an office. One evening Linda receives a call on her cell phone from an overzealous gentleman who tells her that she will soon receive her winning tickets to see Creed.

Once Linda hears this, she figures the contest is a prank, and doesn’t give the caller another thought. That is, until the two winning tickets to the now defunct band of dubious distinction instantaneously appear with the morning mail. A bit taken aback, but mainly annoyed, Linda immediately discards the tickets and goes to work. After making small talk with Jeff, who brings Linda her office mail, she notices her name on an unmarked package. Something about the envelope looks familiar, so she opens it carefully. Sure enough, the two winning tickets fall out. What happens next is shocking—at least for a while…

There’s no doubt that Kevin James is a very clever writer, since his simple tale is riddled with creepy possibilities. Questions are sure to arise about why Linda is chosen to win tickets when she never entered a raffle. There’s also strong elements of stalking at play, but who or what is terrorizing Linda—and, more importantly, why? The suspense is powerful early on, then tends to dissipate once The Creed settles into that fateful quicksand that is comedy.

While some viewers may appreciate horror films that turn all out laughable, I’m not one of them. Especially when a movie shows such spine-tingling promise and then reverts to a primitive ‘creedture,’ complete with a Halloween-type mask and slapstick antics. But then something happens at the end of the film to salvage The Creed, and it’s a creepy, thought-provoking horror film again.

Unfortunately, mood-inconsistencies like these, within a twenty-minute film-space, make rating difficult. In spite of this, I would like to say that I think the filmmaker is off to a great future in the horror genre, so be prepared.

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