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Batman VS Spider-Man: Which Franchise has the Edge in Terms of Popularity?

By Film Threat Staff | January 4, 2021

Both Marvel and DC came up with these two franchises that have made it to the major leagues of blockbusters. Myriads of merchandise products of Batman and Spider-Man like clothes, action figures or branded dishes were released over the course of years. The gaming industry has also developed numerous videogames for both superheroes. Even the gambling industry is involved in these blockbusters with the UK software producer Playtech having developed their own slot of the Dark Night movie which offers plenty of bonus features and progressive jackpots. They can be activated by landing certain winning combinations that result in prizes like free spins. The top prize is getting – who would have thought – the Batman symbol which multiplies your stake amount by 1500.

However, there are lots of underlying differences when assessing the popularity of these two franchises, from how the fans view them and how they choose to express the two monoliths in comic books. Popularity of a release largely depends on preferences of the fans. It is anyone’s opinion on which character traits make a powerful superhero. However, most Batman fans often make snide comments regarding the Batman franchise. More so, to answer the question of popularity, Spiderman is well on its way to taking over the movie industry. One reason for this may be harsh comments by other fans that help to promote it.

Why Spider-Man is more popular than Batman

The following is an in-depth discussion that will help you understand why the Spider-Man franchise tends to be more popular.

1. Spider-Man is Selfless and humble Unlike Batman who is selfish and arrogant

The main goal of Batman has always been to fight crime and not the major goal of protecting Gotham. It is because of this primary motive that makes him go out at night with the main agenda to accomplish vengeance.

The Batman franchise has decided to put it out there that Bruce Wayne is just a facade and that Batman is just a personality on its own. Moreover, besides all the big combat toys, amour and fighting intellect, Bruce Wayne is just a boy who is angry and often lashes out to the world in a way only he knows best.

The anger started right from the gunshot moment that ended up killing Bruce Wayne’s parents and that’s what sealed his fate. It becomes a bit challenging for him to recover from this moment. All that he does is fighting crime and punishing the wrongdoers, while in the real sense it is a way of getting revenge for his parent’s death.

On the other hand, inasmuch as both of the characters’ lives change when the parental figures die, Spider-Man’s story comes with a twist. He realises that the death of his uncle Ben was all his doing. The difference comes in the reaction to the loss of a loved one. Unlike Batman, Spider-Man decides that instead of blaming everything on theft and crime, he dedicates his life to use his powers responsibly.

2. It is easier to relate to Spider-Man

As the slogan goes Your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, it is easier to see how Spider-Man tries to be responsible for the whole community. He shows the commitment he has in achieving something much greater than him.

Spider-Man puts others first. He goes ahead to help others even though it means putting his own life on the edge. Passing away of his Uncle Ben acted as a motivator to serve the good for the society. It is not all about getting revenge. It is the main difference with Batman as he tries to settle the score with the thief who killed his parents.

3. Spider-Man is hopeful while Batman is cynic

This comes from one of the best quotes ever said by Spiderman that you shouldn’t be a pessimist. This statement clearly shows one of the most admirable qualities of Spider-Man.

On the other hand, Batman always goes out looking for what is wrong. He is always in search of weaknesses of both villains and heroes alike. Most of his plans used against his teammates to the extent they almost reach destruction.

Spider-Man brings hope to many. He tries to find the good side in every situation. He is all about putting up your chest even if you are about to die. The character of Spider-Man is relatable to the quote that says Never give up and never surrender.

4. Spider-Man is a social outcast while Batman is a vigilante

Batman is motivated by his tragic experience. He takes it as his job to find the culprits. Through the events of a single night, Batman is a guy that wants no one to ever suffer in the hands of offenders.

Spider-Man in other ways is a character who obtained his powers by chance, which makes him the everyman hero who everyone can associate with. He is a teenager who occasionally was living a quiet simple life until the fateful tragedy. The major point is that he is a character that we see putting up the happy fantasy and still tries to maintain that.

Despite the above-discussed differences that make one franchise popular, the characters have similarities that make them the famous role models we can look up to. They have both lost family members and they look for ways to better the community and themselves.

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