By admin | February 9, 2000

Mikey (Michæl Siracusano) and Jay (Jason Wolk) have just accidentally shot a man dead while robbing his house.
When the man’s wife then comes home before they can make their getaway, it forces them to hide out in a bedroom closet with their victim (Dave Razowski). There, the two hoods must deal with the “stiffies” brought on either by the sights and sounds of the oblivious woman having sex with a neighbor, or by the close quarters these lifelong friends are obliged to share for such an extended period of time. This is one of the sillier black comedies you’re likely to see; its hyperactive but dimwitted leads spewing a rapid fire stream of inanities from their clothes-filled cloister. Even the dead guy, his lolling head crunching and crackling as it flops around on his neck, is the funniest corpse since Bernie…and that’s not even counting the scene where he’s re-animated. With the film’s good-natured gay undercurrent, even its title is an amusing wink and a nudge double entendre. Never before have murder, adultery and homo-phobia been this much fun.

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