It is being been billed as the “Shortest and Cheapest Variety Show in the History of Entertainment!” THE CLINT HOWARD VARIETY SHOW. Two of the six episodes are up on line now with more coming every other week. The Clint Howard Variety Show, currently online at, offers fans a chance to join show host Clint Howard as he visits with some famous and not-so-famous guests in the comfort of a backyard setting. The variety-show-type series of six episodes includes an assortment of celebrity guests and features its own band. Produced, written and directed by Clint Howard and partner Barry Kearson, The Clint Howard Variety Show lowers the bar of online entertainment. The show was filmed entirely in a vacant lot in downtown Burbank, California. It’s funny, sometimes gritty but definitely an alternative to the polished Hollywood-type talk shows.
“I didn’t grow up dreaming of the day I was going to replace Sonny & Cher in the CBS fall line-up. As a youngster I never stood in front of a mirror, practicing monologues to a phantom studio audience. Maybe I should have,” says series host and co-creator Clint Howard. “The Internet is an opportunity to do cutting edge stuff and express myself in a creative way. I just pitched a show that has been done a thousand times. I’m an idiot. I’m a hack. I’m an idiot hack!”
Guests featured on the show include Henry Winkler, Andy Dick, Johnny Ramone of the Ramones, director brother Ron Howard and other surprise guests. Along with series regulars Announcer/Bouncer Big Mike Grief, composer and musical director Keates and Mr. Shiddy, Clint Howard leads audiences on a journey of humor, sight and sound.
Here’s the official bio with all the hyperbole: Clint Howard is a performer whose career spans over 39 years. His impressive list of credits includes 74 films, 5 series and 66 separate television appearances. This past Holiday season Clint appeared in two memorable supporting roles in “Dr. Suess’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas” and “Little Nicky”. Clint’s recent credits include hit comedies such as “The Waterboy”, “Austin Powers” International Man Of Mystery and “EdTV”. Clint has also appeared in brother Ron Howard’s films including “Cocoon”, “Nightshift”, “Gung Ho”, “Backdraft” and Far and Away”. This is his first series of shorts created especially for the Internet. Clint and his wife Melanie reside in Burbank, California.
See all the excitement for yourself and watch The Clint Howard Variety Show!
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