First and foremost, I got a kick out of this cute little short because it provided me with the all too possible scenario of what goes on behind the scenes of these countless shoestring budget/backyard/backwoods adventures that I’ve sat through during my tour of duty with Film Threat. I think the filmmakers nailed it perfectly.
“The Climactic Death of Dark Ninja” deals with a group of young kids shooting a ninja movie on a camcorder. I’m tempted to say that it’s very much like watching the Little rascals engage in a filmmaking adventure, but nothing so madcap as the hijinks born from Hal Roach’s wacky imagination occurs. Still, the proceedings found here are pretty damn funny and are exactly what I imagine life behind a production where practically everyone is ill-prepared for their duties. In this case, a bunch of kids trying to convincingly fill the funny looking shoes of deadly ninjas.
A total crowd pleasing short. Ninja master Sho Kosugi would even be forced to smile.

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