By Mark Bell | June 17, 2008

For those of you who need a narrative, “The Clay Head” is about a replica Easter Island clay head that is brought back from a vacation and then begins to cause havoc to all those who see or touch it. Of course, that’s what you get out of it when you let your mind go blurry and you step out of the room, ignoring all the fun visuals and sounds going on.

See, “The Clay Head” is semi-experimental short form done perfectly. It’s got all the out-there elements that keep you intrigued, while also having just enough of a narrative in there (somewhere) that you can’t dismiss it as being just sheer gibberish (which sometimes is the case when you spend 30 minutes watching a short film about yeast and yarn (“The Clay Head” is NOT about yeast and yarn, and the reviewer apologizes for possibly inferring that it might be; there may’ve been yarn, but no noticeable yeast)). At times creepy, other times hilarious and all times amazing, if you’ve ever been interested in short form experimental work, you need to see “The Clay Head.”

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