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By Film Threat Staff | February 17, 2005

And it’s about time goddamnit!

View Askew will be taking over the Los Angeles Cinerama Dome when they bring Vulgarthon to the West Coast on March 28th. Check out some flicks, engage in a little Q & A and be a general movie nerd – it’s all in good vulgar fun!

Here’s what’s in store:

Chasing Amy ^ (After which, View Askew will be shooting the Q&A for the 2007 release of the “Chasing Amy” 10th Anniversary DVD)

Brian Lynch’s BIG HELIUM DOG

Jeff Anderson’s NOW YOU KNOW ^ (After which, View Askew’ll be shooting the Q&A for inclusion on the forthcoming “Now You Know” DVD)

The World Premiere of Jennifer Schwalbach’s and (former Film Threat writer) Malcolm Ingram’s “Oh, What a Lovely Tea Party” documentary about the making of “Jay & Silent Bob’s Strike Back”

And one other big surprise…

The Details:

Date: ^ Monday, March 28th, 2005

Time: ^ 10:00am – Midnight (ie – all day)

Location: ^ The Historic Arclight Cinerama Dome ^ 6360 West Sunset Boulevard ^ Los Angeles, California

For more info, visit the View Askew website.

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