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By Chris Salce | August 26, 2020

The entirety of Sauce takes place in the car as Michael Workeye and Avigail Tlalim, who also serves as a writer for the short, play a young couple on the way to grab something to eat. Little do Joshua (Workeye) and Beccs (Tlalim) know that their food choices become an analogy for their entire relationship.

Everything starts off on a good note as the two are singing along to a tune and having a fun time, up until a phone call interrupts their duet. The person on the other side of the phone makes it a trio, thus throwing off the vibe. Joshua finds out that the guy on the other line, J.J., is actually Beccs “boyfriend.” They stop at a drive-thru where they realize that their sauce options represent their views on relationships.

“…they realize that their sauce options represent their views on relationships.”

Beccs likes to “dip [her] chip in many sauces,” as she is polyamorous, while Joshua is on the traditional side of relationships – he sees himself as the actual meal rather than a sauce or side. Once the two seem to understand each other’s views, the all-mighty iPhone ring comes into play again.

What Sauce made me realize, with some surprise, is how much you can do with a single camera and a car. Now throw in a good little plot and two actors that deliver their dialogue really well, you have a winning short film.

If I had to point out the negative briefly, the only negative I had with the film is that the audio could have been a bit better. Now going back to the positives (told you it was brief), it seems that this short was done in one complete take, which proves that undeniable talent went into every facet of Sauce.

Sauce (2020)

Directed: Dan Daniel

Written: Dan Daniel, Avigail Tlalim

Starring: Avigail Tlalim, Michael Workeye, etc.

Movie score: 8/10

Sauce Image

"…undeniable talent went into every facet..."

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