By admin | November 30, 2002

I am not a fan of romantic movies, but this one got to me. Perhaps it was the two lead roles: Scott Baio as Dominic, a capitalist wheeler and dealer; and Kristin Minter as Lucca, an independent woman with a nurturing side. Maybe it was the story. I’m not really sure, but I do know this was an extremely enjoyable film.
The plot is easy to understand, and only a fool wouldn’t guess where the story is headed. Bella (Rosemary Prinz) is dying, and all she ever wanted was for her daughter, Lucca, to marry. Dominic and his brothers, who jointly own a bakery near Bella’s apartment, have become Bella’s surrogate children due to the fact that Lucca is off in Mexico helping poor people. Once Dominic hears that Bella is terminal with cancer, he gets it in his mind to lure Lucca back to New York and marry her to make her mother’s last wish come true. You know what will happen next, but that doesn’t mean you don’t want to see it played out in all its glory.
“The Bread, My Sweet” is the kind of quiet movie that sneaks in under the radar. Baio, who is always a pleasure to watch, and Minter, who has never looked lovelier, share some great chemistry as their relationship evolves from bitter acquaintances to a hesitant, loving couple drawn together by the specter of death. (Ironically, both are playing roles fairly different than the television characters they are both well-known for (Minter was Randi on “ER,” and Baio is best remembered for his work on “Happy Days” and “Charles in Charge.”) Their acting ability and likable characters (not to mention a powerful supporting cast) help to turn a predictable story into a movie that should find a following through video rentals. With so many bad romances out there, this is the kind of movie that deserves a chance to shine.

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