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By Film Threat Staff | June 14, 2004

Even though the use of mobile phones for still photography is gaining more widespread acceptance, more and more cell phones, PDA’s and handheld devices are being equipped with video capabilities. What then, are the potentials of the handheld device as a cinematic tool for expression & activism?

To paraphrase Antin, what are the distinctive qualities of cell Phone video, and how do the stories and images from this technological set differ from its predecessors? Does the intimacy and mobility of the video-enabled cell phone create a change in perspective? Does it represent a culture of universal surveillance where there is a universal intimacy but a complete lack of private space? How does the mobile perspective shift our perception in the way the mediated image of the cellular/network individual is represented? Does its low-resolution somehow challenge the aesthetics, ‘truthfulness’, or technofetishism of the increasingly filmic nature of video? These are some of the questions that Mobile Exposure hopes to address.

Microcinema International’s Mobile Exposure handheld video program is an exploration of the potentials of mobile motion imaging and they are currently seeking works.

For more info, visit the Microcinema website.

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