By Eric Campos | January 14, 2006

Seemingly doomed for self-destruction due to being raised in the ghettos of Baltimore, a group of school boys are given the chance to straighten themselves out by attending 7th grade at an experimental boarding school in Kenya, East Africa to receive the discipline and tutelage they so desperately need to pull them out of the rut they were born into. So off they go, some voluntarily, others goaded into it by their parents, but all about to receive a major experience in a good, strict education. Not that this is some cruel – obey or you get a drink from the firehose – boarding school. Not at all. These kids are treated like important human beings, something they’re not used to at home. “The Boys of Baraka” tells the story of the hopeful transformation of these boys.

This film from Heidi Ewing and Rachel Grady is an entertaining experience as the filmmakers focus on a few select boys who provide a wealth of charm as they struggle with their new surroundings. Sure they’re little turds at times, but that’s all due to the shocking lack of discipline and respect these kids are now getting a major dose of. Match that charm with the film’s uplifting nature of and you have yourself an infectious watch. “The Boys of Baraka” is highly recommended.

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