By Admin | February 25, 2001

“The Boxing Match” is just what it sounds like; a (very) short video about…boxing matches. As in match sticks, painted up like little stick people, dancing around a miniature ring complete with boxing sound effects and a cheering crowd to accompany the books of matches which comprise the “audience.”
“They’re all fired up,” an announcer booms at one point, which is indicative of the sort of groaner punnery which abounds in this nifty little ultra-short from Michæl Eckmann, Rich Eckmann, and Marc T. Russo.
Not quite animation, not exactly live action, but some weird hybrid of the two, this was a clever idea that needs to be expanded upon somehow. It’s simply too short in its current form. It could be because we’re more accustomed to the pacing of “Celebrity Death Match” than we are the latest 30 second, multi-trillion dollar Mike Tyson rip-off. Whatever the reason, just as the viewer’s starting to enjoy him or herself in “The Boxing Match,” the film flames out.

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