Bootleg Files 008: “The Paul Lynde Halloween Special” (a gay-friendly 1976 TV variety special with special guest stars Florence Henderson and KISS).

Last seen: A one-time broadcast in October 1976; special one-time theatrical screening at the Two Boots Den of Cin in New York in July 2002 and a clip from the show has been included in a VH1 documentary on KISS.

American home video: None.

Reason for disappearance: Uncertain, but most likely a problem in clearing music rights.

Chances of seeing it on home video/DVD: One would think it possible, given Paul Lynde’s iconic stature among gays, but its continued absence makes it seem none-too-likely for the near future.

Bootleg opportunities: Widely available via eBay.

Get the rest of the story in part two of THE BOOTLEG FILES: “THE PAUL LYNDE HALLOWEEN SPECIAL”>>>

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