Bootleg Files 006

Film: “The High and the Mighty” (the all-star aircraft-in-peril disaster flick starring John Wayne).

Last seen: US television broadcast in 1979 following Wayne’s death.

American home video: Brief limited edition release in late 1970s.

Reason for disappearance: Dispute between the Wayne estate and Warner Bros. regarding the restoration of the film.

Chances of seeing it on video/DVD: Possible, but the fact the film has been out of circulation for so many years suggests this won’t happen in the near future.

Bootleg opportunities: Ample, although the visual quality on most bootlegs can be rated as a B or B- (the film was shot in CinemaScope but no bootleg has it letterboxed).

Get the rest of the story in part two of THE BOOTLEG FILES: “THE HIGH AND THE MIGHTY”>>>

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