By Admin | February 3, 2006

BOOTLEG FILES 115: “Smart Alec” (1951 porno starring Candy Barr).

LAST SEEN: We cannot confirm the last public screening.

AMERICAN HOME VIDEO: No official video release, but included in collections of bootlegged stag films.

REASON FOR DISAPPEARANCE: Hey, it’s a 20-minute stag film from 1951.


BOOTLEG OPPORTUNITIES: Scratch and you’ll find it.

Get the bootleg in part two of THE BOOTLEG FILES: “SMART ALEC”>>>

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  1. lindsay says:

    Candy Barr was a bad bitch and my absolutely favorite burlesque dancer of all time. have you seen her in “My tale is hot”? WOW! she can shake that a*s like nobody’s business and it’s very surprising that she isn’t in more burlesque films because she was head and shoulders above other big names like Blaze Starr, Tempest Storm and Lili St. Cyr. and I agree with you about “Smart Alec”, she seemed like a very willing participant! speaking of Smart Alec, it was the “Deep Throat” of it’s day and in a way, she reminds me of Linda Lovelace, who also claimed she was forced to do that movie. oh well, I still love her! and i would love to see her layout in oui magaizine-i think i’ll start searching for it!

  2. John H says:

    Have seen the film Smart Alec and have a few comments not seen elsewhere. First off, some claim the film was made by her under gunpoint. Not true according to her own words, she was ‘hungry and needed money.’ Also, in the film, she kissed for an unusually long period of time for a porn flick. The kissing looks real and unforced. Also, she is/was probably the most lovely woman ever seen in a porn flick. Age wise, some reports say she was 15, she states 16. I remember seeing a shot of her once in a newspaper while she was in a Texas prison. It was a shot of her sort of looking skyward as if searching for Heaven, and the story said she had found God in prison, had changed her ways, and was hoping to be let out on parole. I figure that was staged because she later went back to stripping, etc. Still, with the right agent or handling, she could have been a major star. A real waste of face, figure, and maybe talent.

  3. Albert Giesbrecht says:

    Since she was only 16 at the time, I wonder if possession of the film would be considered child porn? Just sayin’.

    • John Wright says:

      Others have said she was older when the film was made and one of the cars visible at the start of the movie was a 1953 model. That would have made her at least 18 years of age. Which is more like it. Yes, if she were 16 at the time, we would not be watching the movie today. Remember Traci Lords?

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