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By Film Threat Staff | January 18, 2001

Chances are, you can’t remember ever seeing a movie set in North America’s oldest city — St. John’s, Newfoundland — let alone a seriously funny crime caper from the aforementioned town that’s loaded with cool in-speak. Enter “The Bingo Robbers,” a tale of fast cars and even faster mouths. Check out the official film glossary of “Bingo Lingo” for a primer:
[ “Fucko” ] describes a loose cannon personality; it is not a police-type word. ^ [ “The little criminal inside us all” ] is a description of a police re-training program concerning the dichotomy of self-perception. ^ [ “It’s always late” ] is the classic Nancy and Vallis (the stars, you know) situation. ^ [ “Grrrrrr” ] is how Johnny feels about Nancy’s self-style management of his band. ^ [ “Christian Lion” ] The Christian Lion is a new breed of Christian that eats everything in site and then bursts into apocalyptic flames. Nancy is a Christian Lion. ^ [ “There was a little girl /who had a little curl…” ] is an insult that has been hurled at Nancy since childhood.
The [ official site ] is the place to begin your “Bingo Robber” investigations, and it houses a who’s-who of cast and crew, many film stills, preview snippets, a shoot journal, and other criminally good film stuff.

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