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By Chris Gore | May 19, 2000

Big Oscar-winning actor Kevin Spacey stars in “The Big Kahuna”, a story about slick salesmen trying to land the big contract at a swanky reception. If they don’t, they’ll lose their positions in the firm.
Kevin Spacey plays Larry, a lubricant salesman who boozes and schmoozes the weekend away in pursuit of Dick Fuller, the big kahuna. He needs Dick to close the big deal since his job is at stake. Danny Devito stars as Phil, the wise old salesman who has regrets about his failed marriage and his lonely life as a salesman. Bob played by Peter Facinelli is the newcomer, newly married and in his 20s, he’s more interested in selling religion than lubricants. When the big kahuna drops by the suite wearing someone else’s nametag, young Bob talks to him about his dead dog, but he never mentions placing an order. This freaks out our devoted salesmen.
Basically, you’ve got Devito who whines about his divorce, Spacey yelling about… everything and some young punk we could care less about. The greatest filmmaker on the planet could not make me feel sorry for salesmen and I like them even less now. Screenwriter Roger Rueff based his script on his stage play called “Hospitality Suite” and that’s kinda funny since the whole movie feels like a damn stage play. 95% of the story takes place in one room and I just get claustrophobic watching films like this. I go to the movies to see, well A MOVIE and not a slow-moving, one room play. Sorry, I’m just not buying it.

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