By Kevin Carr | June 3, 2003

The DVD and video release of Die Another Day on June 3 continues the 40th anniversary of James Bond. Depending on how you count them (if you choose to include the nonsensical “Casino Royale” and/or the pathetic “Never Say Never Again,” the only Bond films not in the MGM franchise), there have been 20 to 22 Bond films to date. What better time to look back at an icon that has defined male potency and the entire spy genre?

Here is a rather biased ranking of some of the best (and worst) James Bond moments in history. (I realize that no matter how hard I try, I’ll end up pissing off someone here. Hell hath no fury like the Bond fan. But what the hey… let’s give it a try. And all you pissed off Bond fans out there, send your flames to me at

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