By Admin | February 2, 2005

“We’re not gonna take it! No, we ain’t gonna take it!” – Twisted Sister

Anyone who’s ever done extra “work” on a film production can attest to its misery – the long hours doing basically nothing, being ignored, being looked down upon like a turd, being herded like cattle. Of course, you can also meet plenty of interesting folk as an extra as well. Now, I’m not talking about that chance encounter with your favorite star. No. I’m talking about getting to know your fellow extras. You might hear some interesting stories and, more importantly, you may end up forming a revolt against the cast and crew in the name of extras rights. These things could happen and they do happen in Jenny Andrews’ “The Bathroom Agreement.”

Tired of being pushed around by the surly crew and scoffed at by the pompous cast, a band of extras decide to flub every take they can until their demands are met. The results are pretty funny, especially if you’re an extra with an axe to grind, or perhaps just someone who likes to pay attention to extras in movies to see what kind of bizarre behavior you can spot out. Oftentimes, the extras are more interesting to watch than the featured actors. In the case of this film, definitely.

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