The “Rock and Roll” film festival is coming! On Wednesday, November 12th, the first in a monthly series will begin in New York City at 9:00 pm at the Pioneer Theater (155 East 3rd Street -at Ave. A- New York, NY 10009). Starting with “Shorts from the Backseat” Program 1, this short film program features audience favorites from past Backseat Film Festival events as well as new selections.
Beginning in Park City, UT during Sundance 2003, Backseat Conceptions toured the U.S. for three months with the Backseat Film Festival, a renegade film festival with edgy, diverse programming of all shapes and sizes. Their mission was to provide a forum for great work that would otherwise go unseen. During this time, they infiltrated many indie film communities across the nation and saw that indeed, there are people who truly appreciate and understand the need for alternative programming. The festival received such a positive response that various venues in theses pockets of film lovers requested that Backseat Conceptions
return as soon as possible, and thus the Backseat Screening Series was born.
The Backseat Film Festival will also be back on the road in 2004 with a larger touring festival, beginning in Philadelphia with a three day program, January 23-25th. Brace yourself for more edgy films and a f**k of a lot of partying.
For more info, visit the Backseat Film Festival website.

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