By Eric Campos | January 16, 2009

If you’ve ever found yourself saying, “Will you keep all that goddamn noise down?” then this most likely isn’t the film for you.

“Mutilation Mile” is exactly that and the mile is covered in 82 minutes. Las Vegas’ King of Sleaze Cinema, Ron Atkins, is back with this loud, ugly, bloody, entirely unpleasant juggernaut of hate and fury. It focuses on the DeGrasso Brothers, estranged but equally deranged, as they come back together to find the murderer of their uncle. And so the entire film is constructed of these guys driving around town, slaughtering hookers and drug dealers in an attempt to extract information. Jack DeGrasso, the younger brother, is the dominant one as he seems to be the saner of the two, even though he has a nasty penchant for slicing people up with a straight razor and screaming “F**k You!” a lot. And Jimmy, the older brother, is a cracked out version of Nick Nolte in “Down and Out in Beverly Hills” with a nasty case of Tourette Syndrome and also a wicked violent streak.

As I’ve already mentioned, this is a very LOUD movie. It’s not even the excess gore and violence that pushes this one over the edge, but rather it’s the fact that rarely ever is a line of dialogue delivered that isn’t screamed at another person. It’s this non-stop barrage of vitriol that will definitely separate the casual horror fan from those that go out of their way to track down films that go against the norm and even then weed out people from that discerning group of gorehounds.

On one hand, “Mutilation Mile” lacks a certain power because it never rises above the spot from which it begins. Right from the get-go it gives you a faceful of hate with both barrels and it just stays the course all the way through. Every second of this movie that goes by is brutal and I could see how one would become desensitized to its violence rather quickly as that’s all it’s delivering. You get hit over the head so many times, you could wind up going away.

Now, on the other hand, this is Ron Atkins we’re talking about here and he has a marvelous talent for finding people to star in his films that truly seem just about as f****d up as their characters are and that gives his films an alarming sense of danger. “Mutilation Mile” is no different and I would cross the street in order to avoid interaction with his two lead actors who play the DeGrasso Brothers. Perhaps it’s just that they’re amazing f*****g actors, but watching this film you can’t help but get the feeling that these guys have at least a few screws loose and that’s where “Mutilation Mile” succeeds.

Definitely not for everyone, especially those who look forward to seeing the next “Saw” turd squeezed out every October. But if you feel you’ve got what it takes to go the “Mutilation Mile,” then we hear that it might be doing some theatrical screenings soon. Keep an eye on for the skinny.

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