The celebrated 10th Annual Miami Gay & Lesbian Film Festival, presented by HBO, has unveiled the lineup of the best gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender films that will be featured during the 10 day event from April 25 to May 4. In addition the MGLFF will be launching the Fort Lauderdale Gay & Lesbian Film Festival, May 1 – May 4, 2008. With a strong slate of visiting celebrities, legendary parties and a few surprises, the festival promises to be a stellar year and will include appearances by Jennifer Tilly (“Relax…It’s Just Sex” /Courtesy of Sneak Preview Entertainment and Forefront Films), Jay McCarroll (“Eleven Minutes”), Jasmine Guy (“Tru Loved”) and more. The announcement was made today by MGLFF and FLGLFF Festival Director Carol Coombes with Development and Operations Director Keith Cromley.

“During our inaugural festival in July of 1999 we showcased 24-feature length and short films from five different countries, with 10 visiting filmmakers in attendance. The entire event took place across 5 days at the Colony Theater in Miami Beach. In contrast, this year’s festival, on the occasion of our 10th anniversary includes 95 films from 22 different countries, with screenings held across ten days at five different venues throughout Miami, South Beach, and Fort Lauderdale with over 100 filmmakers already confirmed to attend. I am truly grateful to all the filmmakers and distributors who have worked with me to enable us to present a truly fabulous line-up for 2008” said Carol Coombes, Festival Director.

Opening Night Gala Screening – “Breakfast with Scot”
The 10-day festival will kick-off on Friday, April 25th with the Opening Night Gala presentation and East Coast Premiere of “Breakfast with Scot” at the Gusman Center for the Performing Arts in downtown Miami. A touching comedy about a very ‘straight’ gay couple, an ex-NHL hockey player-turned-sportscaster and a lawyer, who end up with temporary custody of recently orphaned Scot, an 11-year-old boy who loves glitter, tinsel and sparkle. Continue to the fabulous Opening Gala after party at the Serpentarium of Jungle Island in the heart of Miami, which will be transformed into a Christmas paradise in honor of the film. Enjoy the bay breezes, taste the beautiful array of culinary delights and mix with the exotic species as we share the joys of the Season. (Director Laurie Lynd and Producer Paul Brown will attend the screening to discuss the film with the audience).

Dramatic Centerpiece Screening – “The Secrets”
On Wednesday April 30, the Festival will present the Centerpiece Gala and Florida Premiere screening of “The Secrets” by Avi Nesher at the Colony Theater in South Beach. A brilliant and respectful look at the place of feminism and sexuality in the world of Orthodox Judaism. Starring the iconic actress Fanny Ardant, the film brilliantly and respectfully looks at the place of feminism and sexuality in the world of Orthodox Judaism. A rabbi’s daughter, betrothed to her father’s star pupil, convinces her father to allow her to study at a seminary for Jewish women. During her religious training she meets the daughter of a wealthy secular family who has sent her to Israel to restore her faith and possibly find a husband. Before long, the two women reawaken long suppressed feelings of love and passion that seemingly have no place in Orthodox life. The Maxine Hotel, one of the three Catalina Hotels, will be the backdrop for the Centerpiece Gala After-party. It offers a luxurious outdoor pool, sundeck, a variety of lounges, including Cabana beds and a tiki bar. The event starts immediately following the film screening at The Colony Theater. Indulge in an open bar while enjoying Marti the amazing fire performer as she manipulates, juggles and twirls the fire to the music stylings of DJ Danny Bled.

Closing Night Gala Screening – “Were the World Mine”
The Festival closes on Sunday May 4th with the Closing Night Gala and South Florida Premiere screening of the musical extravaganza “Were the World Mine” by director Thomas Gustafson at the Gusman Center for the Performing Arts. As the gay outcast at an all-boys prep school, Timothy is of course prone to daydreaming about the handsome jock. But his are no ordinary flights of fancy; they’re musical theater extravaganzas, complete with show-stopping songs, dazzling sets, and pirouetting rugby player chorus boys. So when the drama teacher invites Timothy to audition for “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”, we know that theater is his destiny. Join us for our Closing party, the final gala event of this year’s festival which takes place at the Miami Art Space/MAS just recently opened earlier this year and new territory for our LGBTQ community and friends. It’s time to kick back for a tasty late bite and one more embrace with our festival family before we call it a year. (Director Thomas Gustafson, and the entire cast will attend the screening to discuss the film with the audience)

Opening Gala and Finale – Fort Lauderdale Gay & Lesbian Film Festival
Powerful documentaries bookend the Fort Lauderdale Gay & Lesbian Film Festival with “Ask Not” by Johnny Symons as the Gala Opening Night Film on Thursday, May 1 at the Parker Playhouse; a rare and compelling exploration of the effects of the US military’s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy. The film exposes the tangled political battles that led to the discriminatory law and examines the societal shifts that have occurred since its passage in 1993. (Director Johnny Symons and subjects from the film Alex Nicholson, Jarrod Chlapowski and Jake Reitan will attend the screening to discuss the film with the audience). The final Fort Lauderdale film is the acclaimed “Call Me Troy” by Scott Bloom on Sunday, May 4 at the Sunshine Cathedral; about the Reverend Troy Perry who has been, and continues to remain, on the front lines of virtually every major civil rights struggle in gay/lesbian history. In 1969, he performed the first public same-sex marriage in the U.S., and went on to file the first lawsuit seeking legal recognition for same gender marriages. (Director Scott Bloom and subject Troy Perry will attend the screening to discuss the film with the audience).

MGLFF Career Achievement Award Recipient – Christine Vachon
The MGLFF Career Achievement Award sponsored by HBO is presented this year to innovative filmmaker Christine Vachon. Vachon is often credited with producing challenging, independent films that are nonetheless commercially successful including such acclaimed titles as “Hedwig and the Angry Inch,” “Boys Don’t Cry,” “Velvet Goldmine” and “Poison” among many others. (The award will be presented to Christine Vachon prior to the Florida premiere of “Savage Grace” on Saturday, May 3rd, 10:15pm at the Colony Theater).

MGLFF Spotlight Screenings, Panels and Special Events
The Women’s spotlight screening this year is “Affinity” by Tom Fywell adapted from Sarah Waters’ novel of the same name, the festival is delighted to present this special sneak preview courtesy of Logo. The film is atmospheric and filled with tension, and the sharply-crafted plot twists build up to reveal a spectacular ending. For the men we have “Boystown (Chuecatown)” by Juan Flahn; in this madcap comedy a man desperate to become Chuecatown’s top real estate agent makes old apartments available by murdering the elderly residents and disguises their deaths as “suicides.” He updates their décor; and flips them to affluent gay couples in his effort to establish Chuecatown as the new queer hot spot in Spain.

The breadth and diversity of films this year also include the World Premieres of the feature films “Ciao” and “Tru Loved” as well as celebrating the best of Queer International Shorts; with six specific programs embracing 10 World Premiere and 4 North American premiering shorts including the 9th Annual PlanetOut Short Movie Awards, “First Kisses,” “T is For Tomboy,” “Forbidden Love,” “What Boys Want” and “What Girls Like.” HBO will present for the first time an interview booth at the Regal Cinemas documenting patrons and their “first time they knew they were gay” stories for possible inclusion in the film “When I Knew.” The Festival prides itself on supporting emerging filmmakers and returning this year is Shout: the HBO Short Film Competition in which three lucky filmmakers were each awarded $15,000 to make their short films after having their screenplays selected by a jury. The winning shorts will make their World Premieres on Friday, May 2 at the Flamingo Movies in the Park prior to the screening of “Tru Loved.”

The 9th Annual PlanetOut Short Movie Awards, judged by industry professionals in the cities of Los Angeles, Miami, New York and San Francisco is sponsored by Scion presented by MGLFF and PlanetOut Inc. The $15,000 awards are the largest cash prizes in the world for LGBT shorts. The PlanetOut Short Movie Award Winners 2008 will be screened on Sunday, April 27th, 3:15pm at the Regal Cinema South Beach, followed by a celebratory after-party with all the attending filmmakers at Piola Restaurant.

This year’s festival also features the exciting addition of MergeMiami with the generous support of Premiere Sponsor the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts & Sciences. Seasoned film industry veterans will lend their vast knowledge and expertise to aide those commencing their entry into motion pictures. The international industry tastemakers will have the opportunity to come together and interact with the newest crop of pioneering filmmaker and industry talent to discuss obstacles and inroads for the growth and positive development of the industry as a whole. The Merge program will be comprised of six seminars, workshops and networking events across two-days at the MGLFF host hotel and delegate center The Catalina Hotel in South Beach. Topping the weekend of events will be the spectacular live fashion show by “Project Runway” winner Jay McCarroll in celebration of his film “Eleven Minutes” on the rooftop of the Catalina Hotel on Saturday, April 26.

“We are particularly happy to welcome HBO back as Festival Presenting Sponsor, a distinction they held once before in 2004, as the Miami Gay & Lesbian Film Festival celebrates its 10-year anniversary,” comments Keith Cromley, Director of Development & Operations, “because their support and vision over the years have added significantly to our success. This year has seen several new supporters from the corporate side and the foundation side. The new funds from the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts & Sciences promises to help seed growth in our festival’s mission and horizons. Additions such as Macy’s, MetLife and Morgan Stanley represent new opportunities for the future. For all of those who have provided support, we extend our appreciation and gratitude.”


A JIHAD FOR LOVE (Director Parvez Sharma/ Florida Premiere)
A brave and startling film that bears witness to the struggles of gay and lesbian Muslims attempting to live their lives as devoted followers of Islam in a world where they are unwelcome.

AFFINITY (Director Tom Fywell / Florida Premiere /)
Fans of Tipping the Velvet and Fingersmith won’t want to miss this new adaptation of Sarah Waters’ remarkable novel, Affinity. Atmospheric and filled with tension, the sharply-crafted plot twists build up to reveal a spectacular ending!

BEFORE I FORGET (Directed by Jacques Nolot / South Florida Premiere)
Sixty-something ex-gigolo Pierre Pruez who lives alone in Paris, relentlessly pops his HIV meds, and moves monotonously through sleepless nights and unshaven days. Everything is a routine – even the visits from hot young hustlers when he can afford it and visits to seedy porn theaters when he can’t.

BE LIKE OTHERS (Directed by Tanaz Eshaghian /East Coast Premiere)
For many of those who are struggling with their gender identity, government sanctioned and paid for sex-change surgery would be a dream come true. In a place where homosexuality is a crime punishable by death, queer Iranians have been choosing the only acceptable alternative to contend with their feelings by having gender reassignment surgery.

BI THE WAY (Directed by Brittany Blockman & Josephine Decker / East Coast Premiere)
Journeying through the changing sexual landscape of America, the film investigates the latest scientific reports and social opinions on bisexuality, while following five members of the emerging “whatever generation”— teens and twenty-somethings who seem to be ushering in a whole new sexual revolution.

BOYSTOWN (CHUECATOWN) (Directed by Juan Flahn / East Coast Premiere)
In an effort to become Chuecatown’s top real estate agent, a man makes old apartments available by murdering the elderly residents, disguises their deaths as “suicides”, updates their décor; and flips them to affluent gay couples in his effort to establish Chuecatown as the new queer hot spot in Spain.

BREAKFAST WITH SCOT (Director Laurie Lynd / East Coast Premiere)
The film tells the story of a very ‘straight’ gay couple, an ex-NHL hockey player-turned-sportscaster and a lawyer, who end up with temporary custody of recently orphaned Scot, an 11-year-old boy who loves glitter, tinsel and sparkle

CARAVAGGIO (Directed by Derek Jarman)
Caravaggio, a seventeenth century artist who flirted with the underworld and created a complex mix of violence and sex on canvas, is brought to life in Jarman’s groundbreaking work of historic homoeroticism in which Jarman uses the painterly aesthetic style of his famous subject to reflect the story of art, homosexuality, and identity.

CHRIS AND DON: A LOVE STORY (Directed by Guido Santi & Tina Mascara / Florida Premiere)
After he moved to Southern California to try his hand at screenwriting, Visionary gay writer Christopher Isherwood met a boy on a beach. Don Bachardy who was 30 years younger. The early days of their romance caused quite a scandal.

DEREK (Directed by Directed by Isaac Julien / Florida Premiere)
A moving tribute to the multi-talented English stage designer, painter, gardener, writer, activist and celebrated independent filmmaker Derek Jarman. A rich seam of archival material included photographs, original script notations and film clips

DIRTY POOLE: IN CONVERSATION WITH WAKEFIELD POOLE (Curated by Jim Tushinksi / Florida Premiere)
Wakefield Poole’s groundbreaking erotic films are considered to be the most creative ever made, and their influence is seen in a wide range of artists and works which gave explicit gay films commercial and critical legitimacy for the first time.

ELEVEN MINUTES (Directed by Michael Seldith and Rob Tate / Florida Premiere)
Jay McCarroll is the perfect subject for this introduction to the world of fashion, those already familiar know the designer as a shoot-from-the-hip, sometimes catty, yet always insightful critic of himself, gay America, high fashion, and pop culture.

IN SICKNESS AND IN HEALTH (Directed by Pilar Prassas / South Florida Premiere)
Initially wanting to make a film about growing up as the children of gay parents, Prassas turned to her childhood friends. Their mom Marilyn Maneely was a lesbian and in long-term committed relationship with her partner Diane Marini, both strong activists and one of seven New Jersey couples who were suing for marriage rights in the wake of Massachusetts’ and San Francisco’s gay marriage victories. Suddenly, unexpected health changes took the film into a different direction.

JERUSALEM IS PROUD TO PRESENT (Directed by Nitzan Gilady / Florida Premiere)
In the summer of 2006, for the first time in history, Jerusalem was to host The World Pride events, which were to culminate in a traditional gay pride parade. The planned events stirred turmoil in the politically complex city, with Jewish, Muslim, and Christian religious leaders banding together in an uncompromising battle against what they claimed would “defile the holy city.”

LOKAS (Directed by Directed by Gonzalo Justiniano)
Young and handsome Charlie is a single parent living with his precocious nine-year old son Pedro in Mexico. When Charly gets mixed up in some foul business, he is forced to return to his native Chile to seek out his estranged father, Mario, who he hasn’t seen in over thirty years, and to ask for his help. The road ahead is hilariously rough, as Charly, a macho homophobe, discovers that his dad is gay and living with his lover Flavio

OTTO; OR, UP WITH DEAD PEOPLE (Directed by Bruce LaBruce / East Coast Premiere)
After hitch-hiking into Berlin, cute Goth-rock Otto comes across an indie filmmaker who’s casting her socio-political zombie film and wants Otto for a leading role. While bunking with his cast-mate, he discovers a wallet with clues to his life before he joined the undead.

RELAX…IT’S JUST SEX (Directed by Directed by P.J. Castellaneta)
A retrospective screening about a dynamic group of multiracial, queer and straight friends. The storylines include two lipstick lesbians with relationship troubles, two bickering boyfriends, and orbiting in the middle of all this drama is a gorgeous faghag supreme, obsessed with her biological clock and extracting her poor boyfriend’s sperm at every opportunity.

SATURN IN OPPOSITION (SATURNO CONTRO) (Directed by Ferzan Ozpetek / Florida Premiere)
A witty and eccentric drama about a group of old friends, gay and straight, who are tangled together and pulled apart by death, adultery, and a need to quit smoking. At the center of it all is a couple so much in love it hurts: Davide, a kind-hearted older writer, and his intoxicatingly beautiful younger boyfriend, Lorenzo who are surrounded by an Almodovar-esque circle of friends.

SAVAGE GRACE (Directed by Tom Kalin / Florida Premiere)
A dramatic true-crime story of actress Barbara Daly, who hits the jackpot when she marries wealthy Brooks Baekeland only to see her life come to a violent matricidal end nearly 30 years later. The dysfunctional family dynamics are heightened when Tony, the sexually confused offspring of Barbara and Brooks, first has an affair with a dashing Spaniard, and eventually crosses taboo sexual boundaries with mommy.

SAVE ME (Directed by Robert Cary / Florida Premiere)
A self-destructive addict hooked to anonymous sex and narcotics, checks into Genesis House, an ex-gay Christian ministry. Overseen by a compassionate husband and wife team, their life’s mission is to guide young gay men to convert to heterosexuality by offering spiritual guidance through a 12-step program.

SEX POSITIVE (Directed by Daryl Wein / Florida Premiere)
Explores the life of Richard Berkowitz, a revolutionary gay S&M hustler turned AIDS activist in the 1980s, whose incomparable contribution to the invention of safe sex has never been aptly credited. Mr. Berkowitz emerged from the epicenter of the epidemic demanding a solution to the problem before the outside world would take heed. Now destitute and alone, Mr. Berkowitz tells his story to a world who never wanted to listen

SHELTER ME (RIPARO) (Directed by Marco Simon Puccioni / South Florida Premiere)
On their return home from a North African vacation, Anna discovers a stowaway in the back of the car, but decides not to tell her girlfriend Mara, who’s sitting right there in the front seat. Anna invites the stowaway, a Moroccan teenage boy to live with them. While Anna, who is wealthy, sees Mara as overly emotional, a fragile soul that she needs to protect, she also acts as big sister to the stranger.

SHE’S A BOY I KNEW (Directed by Gwen Haworth / Florida Premiere)
In his late twenties, Steven transitioned to Gwen, from male to female, from straight to lesbian. Turning the camera on family and friends in order to tell the story of a woman finally becoming herself.

STEALTH (Directed by Lionel Baier / Florida Premiere)
A gay, Swiss radio host with a loving boyfriend and supportive parents, and his sister, a pregnant malcontent, learn that their great -grandfather may have been Polish. What begins as an intimate exploration of family and heritage, becomes a moving and liberating road movie that tells the story of one man’s search to discover his true identity and the lengths he will go to in order to do so.

THE EDGE OF HEAVEN (Directed by Fatih Akin / South Florida Premiere)
A drama, told in 3 distinct chapters, is a multi-layered continent-crossing electric love affair between two women, at once very different and very much alike. Ayten, is an angry and impoverished Turkish activist in Germany searching for her mother. Lotte, is a privileged German college student rebelling against her mother and searching for purpose.

THE NEW WORLD (Directed by Étienne Dhaene / U.S. Premiere)
A sly take on lesbian parenthood when two women go through one train-wreck of a sperm donor after another. And when they tell their families, the real fun begins. Lucie’s neurotic hippie parents worry that her desire to have kids means she’s becoming “too normal.”

THE SECRETS (Directed by Avi Nesher / Florida Premiere)
The story of two brilliant young women Naomi and Michelle, who discover their own voices in a repressive orthodox culture where females are forbidden to sing, let alone speak out. A respectful look at the place of feminism and sexuality in the world of Orthodox Judaism

THE WORLD UNSEEN (Directed by Shamim Sarif / Florida Premiere)
Free-spirited Amina and the married Miriam fall in love in the 1950’s apartheid South Africa and set in motion a chain of events that changes both women forever. From overcoming oppression to finding personal freedom, from the hardships of a loveless marriage to a hesitant joy of an unexpected love.

THROUGH THICK AND THIN (Directed by Sebastian Cordoba / South Florida Premiere)
Thousands of gay, lesbian, transgendered and bi-national couples are fleeing the United States to try and take up residence in Europe and across the border in Canada. While 100 lawmakers have sponsored the Uniting American Families Act, a bill that would give same-gender couples the same immigration rights as heterosexual couples, this bill has never become law.

TRU LOVED (Directed by Stewart Wade / World Premiere)
Tru is the new girl in a conservative suburban California high school. If she seems a little aloof and way too grown-up, ask her more about her name and you’ll find out why. Tru as in Gertrude as in Gertrude Stein, so named by her two overprotective lesbian Moms. But contrary to school rumor, Tru’s not a lesbian herself. In fact, in a hilariously hetero high school cliché, she’s falling for the ambiguous quarterback.

VOODOO WOMAN (Directed by Directed by Carolina Valencia / U.S. Premiere)
Shooting in Cuba, filmmaker Carlos Valencia encounters the Afro-Caribbean religion known as Santeria. Carlos discovers that while he may be fine with his androgynous appearance, the Santeria gods are not, and think it’s time that he do something about it. The documentary is a journey that Carlos Valencia had to make to become Carolina, the woman he always dreamt he would be

WERE THE WORLD MINE (Directed by Thomas Gustafson / South Florida Premiere)
As the gay outcast at an all-boys prep school, Timothy is of course prone to daydreaming about the handsome jock. But his are no ordinary flights of fancy; they’re musical theater extravaganzas, complete with show-stopping songs, dazzling sets, and pirouetting rugby player chorus boys. So when the drama teacher invites Timothy to audition for “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”, we know that theater is his destiny.

WHEN I KNEW (Directed by Fenton Bailey & Randy Barbato / East Coast Premiere)
LGBT people from all over the country were invited to share their memories of the moment they knew they were attracted to the same sex, (a very different experience than coming out) and what followed are unforgettably touching, sad, sweet and outright hilarious stories.


ANTHONY (ANTOINE) (Directed by Jean-Philippe Laraque / Florida Premiere)
Tension ensues between two professional killers when Laurent finds a 50 Euro bill marked for another man in Vincent’s pockets.

COPAIN DE MEMOIRES (Directed by Jacob Owens / U.S. Premiere)
An epic love story of an entirely different species. On his deathbed, Copain recalls his youthful romance with Pierre during war-torn France. The lovers are played with tender restraint….by hamsters.

DANDELION FALL (Directed by Lauren Wolkstein / Florida Premiere)
Billie, a guitar-strumming cowgirl from the sticks has to make a choice to stay or move on from a destructive relationship with a wealthy Manhattan socialite.

DON’T SAY A WORD (Directed by Diana Carolina Montenegro Garcia / North American Premiere)
Sofia, an artistic high-school teenager has a crush on Vero, the cutest girl in her class. When Vero uncovers Sofia’s snap-shots of her, the consequences take them by surprise

FABULOUSITY (Directed by John Goodwin / Florida Premiere)
An ultrasound reveals to two expecting parents that their unborn son is swimming in rainbow amniotic fluid.

FAIR enough (Directed by Jim Hoppin / Florida Premiere)
When Family Services comes knocking at their door, two committed life-partners must pass a revealing truth test to get them what they want.

FILLED WITH WATER (Directed by Elka Kerkhofs / Florida Premiere)
A surfer babe appears to be the lone survivor of an apocalypse, and she’s got a hole where her heart should be. All that changes when she discovers a pretty ballerina trapped inside a giant TV!

FLOWERS AT THE PARK (Directed by Mariel Macia / South Florida Premiere)
Ana and Lola arrange to meet on a park bench. Lola brings a flower. Ana brings doubts. When one challenges the other, a shift in the dynamics takes place.

HOW TO GO ON A MAN DATE (Directed by Wilson Diehl / East Coast Premiere)
Young heterosexual Johnny learns lessons about the etiquette of hanging out with other straight men in this hilarious spoof on a 1950s educational film.

I HEART VERONICA MARTIN (Directed by Sarah Howard / East Coast Premiere)
Winner Third Place PlanetOut Short Movie Award
Darby, a high school outcast, has a crush on Veronica, a stunningly beautiful blond haired cheerleader. Matters of the heart get more complicated after Veronica’s boyfriend cheats on her.

IN THE PLACE OF THE DEAD (Directed by Keith Claxton / East Coast Premiere)
Winner First Place PlanetOut Short Movie Award
In Marrakesh, an Englishman’s fleeting encounter with a hustler named Karim breaks a sacred taboo and conjures up an ancient Arabian demon.

IN TWILIGHTS SHADOW (Directed by T.M. Scorzafava / World Premiere)
In this fast-paced supernatural thriller, Carlisle, who lies in a self-imposed state of suspension between light and dark, has only until sunrise to face the challenge of an enemy who is threatening to hurt the mortal she loves.

JANE BLONDE (Directed by Lorna Richards / World Premiere)
Butch Secret Agent Jane Blonde is sent in to discover who is melting the snow in an attempt to thwart the 2010 Olympic games in Vancouver. Will she get to the bottom of this devious plot before the games are aborted.

just (Directed by David Maurice Gil / East Coast Premiere)
Winner Fourth Place PlanetOut Short Movie Award
Two strangers, Clyde and Wayne wake up together after a night of anonymous sex and attempt to get to know each other.

JUST ME? (Directed by Amy Neil / World Premiere)
When a distant cousin remarks to Director Amy Neil that she might not be the only “one” in her large extended family, she turns super sleuth revealing her great grandmother “Nanna” had an interesting hidden life.

KALI MA (Directed by Soman Chainani / South Florida Premiere)
When Santosh’s mother Kanta discovers that her teenage son has been the victim of bullying, the Indian goddess Kali awakes inside her giving her strength to seek vengeance.

LAUNDROMAT (Directed by Edward Gunawan / East Coast Premiere)
Two lovers, Joey and Lawrence fight over domestic duties under the watchful eye of Jack, an older gay man. While Lawrence thinks that Jack is creepy the truth about Jack’s life is much more tender and poetic

LONG AGO (Directed by Christy Wegener / South Florida Premiere)
A pair of scissors to the braid of hair that links Maddie to Loretta her ex, would drastically increase Maddie’s dating pool, but is Maddie ready to make that cut?

LOST AND FOUND (Directed by Shrenik / East Coast Premiere)
What begins as a routine bus ride turns out to be anything but! A silent encounter with a stranger and a clever pickpocket all come together to lead one young man to love.

LUCKY BLUE (Directed by Håkon Liu / Florida Premiere)
One summer in a camping site somewhere in Sweden, we meet Olle who expresses his love, in spite of his insecurities and fears, with the help of a little bird, some fairy-lights and of course an adorable boy.

MECHANICS DAYDREAM (Directed by Mary Guzmán / East Coast Premiere)
What is it about lesbians and motorbikes? A supercharged tale of aerodynamics, and some hot-lesbo action on two wheels.

MR_RIGHT_22 (Directed by Reza Rameri / East Coast Premiere)
Waiting for his first internet date, Adam soon realizes that hooking-up is not as straightforward as it seems.

NO BIKINI (Directed by Claudia Morgado-Escanilla / Florida Premiere)
Grand Prize Winner PlanetOut Short Movie Award
A young swimmer is liberated from gender rules in this beautifully shot tale about a girl who decides for herself.

NO SECOND ACTS (Directed by Adam Goudchaux / World Premiere)
After the sudden loss of his longtime lover, a middle-aged man has one chance to confront difficult choices, family, and the truth.

REUNION (Directed by Dennis Hensley / World Premiere)
A gay TV home makeover show host returns to his small hometown for his 20-year high school reunion, boyfriend in tow, and discovering that his former classmates are not exactly what they seem.

ROMEO’S KISS (Directed by Frédéric Gastineau / North American Premiere)
When Cécile skips out of rehearsal during Romeo and Juliette, kissing for the sake of art gets complicated for Thomas and Jérémie

SECRETS OF THE MYSTIC ORACLE (Directed by Todd Goings / Florida Premiere)
Set in the 1920s, a fortune-teller with a flair for the dramatic predicts the future for a man and his pregnant wife.

SHAHRAM AND ABBAS (Directed by Dana Nechushtan & Remy van Heugten / South Florida Premiere)
Two Iranian refugees meet randomly in an airport in the Netherlands. Desperately seeking asylum in Europe, Shahram and Abbas decide that their best hope might be joining forces to pass themselves off as a gay couple

SILVER ROAD (Directed by Bill Taylor / World Premiere)
Danny and Mark, lifelong friends, are spending their last night together. During an evening drive we discover that there is more to their friendship than easy camaraderie, when Danny reveals a secret to Mark.

SOLACE (Directed by Michaline Babich / South Florida Premiere)
Winner Second Place PlanetOut Short Movie Award
Hugo meets someone online who looks like everything he’s been looking for. Seeking a passionate connection he heads into the night. Everything is not what it seems in this voyeuristic tale with a twist.

STEAM (Directed by Damien Rea / North American Premiere)
A handsome buffed hunk gets ready to party.

TROPHY (Directed by Karla DiBenetto / World Premiere)
A teenager’s routine visit to her father’s vacation home turns steamy when she finds herself unexpectedly attracted to her father’s fiancee.

WAITING FOR YVETTE (Directed by Justin Ross / East Coast Premiere)
Alan, Larry and Luis are shocked when their sober friend Yvette arrives late to an AA meeting with a bottle of champagne. A heartfelt comedy about friendship, denial and finding the deeper truths about ourselves.

WHO I AM (Directed by Jesse Peretz / Florida Premiere)
Shot in Miami in the halls of MAST Academy, a story of two young women, Veronica and Haley, who meet at the crossroads of race and class to confront their sexuality.


ASK NOT (Director Johnny Symons / East Coast Premiere)
A rare and compelling exploration of the effects of the US military’s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy. The film exposes the tangled political battles that led to the discriminatory law and examines the societal shifts that have occurred since its passage in 1993.

CALL ME TROY (Directed by Scott Bloom / East Coast Premiere)
Troy Perry has been, and continues to remain, on the front lines of virtually every major civil rights struggle in gay/lesbian history. In 1969, he performed the first public same-sex marriage in the U.S., and went on to file the first lawsuit seeking legal recognition for same gender marriages.

CIAO (Directed by Yen Tan / World Premiere)
When Mark unexpectedly passes away, he leaves behind Jeff, his former lover and best friend. As Jeff sorts through his friend’s unfinished business he stumbles upon e-mail exchanges between Mark and an Italian stranger named Andrea, who Mark had been chatting with online and arranging to meet in person for the first time.

LOVE MY LIFE (Directed by Directed by Koji Kawano / Florida Premiere)
University students Ichiko and Eri, are very much in love – and very much in conflict about their coming out. When Ichiko decides it’s time to tell her father, a famous writer and English translator, about her secret relationship, she is surprised to discover that not only is her father gay but her late mother was a lesbian

PAGEANT (Directed by Ron Davis & Stewart Halpern / South Florida Premiere)
Welcome to Miss Gay America, a drama-packed, sequin-encrusted showcase for the most beautiful and talented female impersonators in the country. For most of the year, contestants lead ordinary lives. In pants. But when pageant season comes, they are divas.

YOU BELONG TO ME (Directed by Sam Zalutsky / South Florida Premiere)
Cute New Yorker architect Jeffrey is 100% smitten with sexy Frenchman Rene, but when Rene doesn’t get the sex he wants on the timetable he wants, he’s quickly over it and unceremoniously dumps Jeffrey. Bewildered and hurt, Jeffrey can’t understand – so he takes to spying on Rene. Turns out Rene already has another boyfriend (maybe boyfriends?)! Jeffrey decides to rent an adjacent apartment in order to get right up in Rene’s face!


A LESSON IN BIOLOGY (Directed by Keno Rider)
Set in the Deep South in 1968, Tom, a high school student dances at a prom under the watchful eye of Mr. Williams the biology teacher. When Tom confronts his mentor about dangerous secrets they have shared, Tom is finally able to embrace who he is and move on.

BROTHERLY (Directed by JC Oliva / World Premiere)
Based on true events in the 1970s, Paul, a gay man in his 40s, is finally able to come to terms with the love, solace and comfort found in the arms of his own brother.

eddie (Directed by Quentin Kruger / Florida Premiere)
A young Latina tomboy is forced to deal with her sexuality and difference during a summer kickball game.

FLATMATES (Directed by Magnus Mork / East Coast Premiere)
A solid friendship is put to the test when Björn and Hampus decide to move into a flat together. Sometimes it’s not a good idea to shack up with your best friend.

HERZHAFT (Directed by Martin Busker / North American Premiere)
Ralf a 33-year-old football coach is in love. Fifteen-year-old Felix loves football and his coach Ralf. Felix’s mother has just found out!

KRISTY (Directed by Marcia Ong / World Premiere)
Kristy’s mom has it all wrong; her 8-year-old daughter hates dresses. When her mom discards her favorite t-shirt, Kristy comes up with a plan to get a new one in Vietnam.

PARIAH (Directed by Dee Rees)
A 17-year-old Bronx student, Lee, juggles multiple identities to cope with the pressures placed on her by her family, schoolmates and friends. When her butch friend Laura confronts her, Lee finally has to face who she is really is.

PEACE TALK (I fred) (Directed by Jennifer Malmqvist)
Close friends Jonna and Emilie play at being soldiers. Jonna’s mother is disapproving and soon puts a stop to the intimacy and fun.

PRALINES (Directed by Carol Burch-Brown / Florida Premiere)
A brave lesbian explores her family’s connection to white supremacists, and – in her own small way – seeks redemption

S/HE (Directed by Gina Pei Chi Chen / Florida Premiere)
Shane, a 12-year-old Asian girl, is caught between her mother’s traditional notions of gender and her own dream of being a boy. Shane realizes that her body and masculinity can co-exist with a new radical haircut.

TRYSTAN (Directed by Spencer Price / World Premiere)
Trystan is a talented pianist. His thirty-something piano teacher is cute and did we mention gay! Their relationship is innocent until the boy’s curiosity takes hold.

VIBRACALL (Directed by Esmir Filho /Florida Premiere)
Two female students redefine – while in class, no less – the use of a cellphone, by placing several discreet calls to a place that is nowhere near the ear.

WE BELONG (Directed by Dean Hamer / Florida Premiere)
The story of a gay rural teen with the courage and determination to stand up to bigotry and intolerance in his school.

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