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By Admin | July 20, 2005

Slim is a quiet man proud to have a girlfriend. When he shows up on her doorstep unannounced, he doesn’t realize what’s in store for him. From a strange mother, to a deformed sister, and crazy fundamentalist father, Slim soon finds himself trapped in a house of freaks and forced to conform to their ways.

Shot in black and white, “Slim” echoes the early works of David Lynch, yet remains more accessible than, say, “Eraserhead.” It is a simple film about an oddball family and the man stuck in their midst.

This short’s screenplay is its weakest point. It rushes through the three acts without taking time to relish in the quirky concept. Instead of absorbing these characters and this skewed world, the script chooses to get to the ending as quickly as possible, which is its downfall. “Slim” should have been at least a half an hour long, and it should have concerned itself more with its eccentricities than traditional screenplay formulae.

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