A gay couple trying to get married, a Taipei bar hostess allowing her life to crumble, a 19th century artist breaking gender barriers, and a red octopus and a giant pear on a crime streak. What do they have in common? They are the subjects of some of the best unseen films of 2003.

Film Threat is providing extensive coverage to many films that are not in wide commercial release. Many of the films reviewed at Film Threat either on the festival circuit or in straight-to-video release or are just recently completed and being shared with our writers before anyone gets to see them.

Here at Film Threat, we would like to take this opportunity to present our fourth annual tribute to both the best and the worst films which never received a wide release in 2003 and which, as of this writing, remain fairly unknown to the majority of audiences. The top ten films on this list are remarkable on a wide variety of levels (where else do you find gay marriage and a felonious red octopus mentioned in the same breath?). With luck and the right connections, these titles will find the audiences they truly deserve in the very near future. The bottom ten films on the list, of course, represent another story entirely.

So without further delay, we’d like to shine the spotlight again on The Ten Best Unseen Films of 2003>>>

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