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By Admin | December 16, 2005

There’s no doubt that “Gods of Los Angeles” is a religious themed romance drama. It’s never afraid to outright admit that it’s a story that’s heavily suggestive towards Jesus Christ, and god, and really approaches such concepts head on. I have no problem with that, but had the movie been better in terms of narrative, I’d have ended up liking it more. The production qualities are just right for what the film entails. There are limited locations, and a small cast, but GilChrist can never seem to break free from the concept and flesh out the story enough. GilChrist fills the cast with competent actors whom are often dead-on in their performances. Cori Haisler in her doe-eyed innocence stares back with a sense of wonder and awe only those with delusions could hold. With saucer blue eyes and a large smile, she’s memorable and works as a Christ-like allegory. Not to forget David Maddox who is often very funny as the bittersweet lovelorn Clifford.

“Gods of Los Angeles” has a lot of energy and enthusiasm for a melodrama, but it can never seem to grasp the ideas it lays out on the table. Is the film a commentary about god? A teen melodrama? A love story? Or a thriller? GilChrist can never seem to decide. He constantly hints at potential plot progressions but never develops them. The main character Lilly in her schizophrenic funk can possibly predict the future. Is she a celestial figure, does she have superpowers, or is it all just one big coincidence? We’re never told. He hints at her psychotic tendencies and then he completely turns it all around in exchange for a more spiritual angle. Lilly is obviously posed as a Jesus Christ allegory, a prophet who brings upon self-realization to others, and her mental illness may just be a misunderstood ability for her. In the end it was pure sappy melodrama, but it has a tendency to be entertaining, and GilChrist’s approach is inspiring.

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