“Terrifying Girls’ High School: Lynch Law Classroom,” currently in the Pinky Violence DVD collection, is an exhilarating film that captures the chaotic spirit of the Japanese women-as-badasses genre. It is a woman’s prison film set in a reform school for teenage girls. If that doesn’t send chills down your spine, you’re either dead or a Catholic priest.

The story centers around the School of Hope and Vice Principal
Ishihara’s (Kenji Imai) desire to eventually run the place. To keep things in order he uses a group of girls to dole out “justice.” In the beginning of the film, before the credits even roll, these sadists in school girl outfits torture a fellow student by draining her of her blood and then force her off a roof. Kids. When Noriko (Miki Sugimoto) comes to the school, she decides that these girls have got to stop their evil ways and Ishihara must be brought down. What follows is cat fights, lesbianism, torture, teenage orgies with older men, blackmail, and a heavenly riot that ends far too easily.

The music may date the film to the ’70s (though it really suits
the mood), but the entire movie is timeless. And unlike “Girl Boss
Guerilla,” this film doesn’t go over the top with its humor. This is straight-out exploitation Japanese style. The women are brutal, the men are idiots, the violence is fast, and the use of a light bulb in a place no woman would ever want it to go is as uncomfortable to watch as anything in “Hostel.”

If the only way for you to get this film is through the Pinky
Violence collection — do it. You won’t be sorry.

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