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By Eric Campos | March 31, 2007

In ten minutes, everything happens.

No, really. In ten minutes, a full length movie rolls out with a bevy of colorful characters and enough twists to wake Brian DePalma in the middle of the night screaming. Is filmmaker Scott Storm Doc Brown in disguise? Meh, could be…but lemme explain a little before we all start running for our DeLoreans.

This humorous crime thriller opens with Larry, a wealthy computer nerd, waking up in his bed one fine morning at ten ‘til noon. Well, it would be fine if a well-dressed man and his sexy female assistant weren’t sitting across the room pointing a gun at him. In this room it’s all riddles and pleas for mercy. We’re not really sure why these people have been sent to kill Larry, we just know that they’re supposed to do it right at 12 noon. When the clock strikes 12, we’re taken to another location and back ten minutes. We are once again at ten ‘til noon. With this new setting and new pair of characters, Larry’s dilemma unfolds furthermore and we start to understand why someone wants him dead. This format continues until we’ve met a whole slate of crazy characters involved in this plot for nerd murder. Mob bosses, cheating significant others and perverts, oh my!

“Ten ‘til Noon” moves along a lot smoother than one would think. This could’ve easily been a giant mess, but aiding filmmaker Scott Storm in keeping his ship together is a talented ensemble cast who compliment the sharp, witty script by writer Paul Osborne. You’re never too lost in trying to figure out why this poor guy is doomed and you’re always entertained. Talent coming in from all sides makes “Ten ‘til Noon” great movie watching.

Oh yeah, and the b*****b scene is worth the price of admission alone. It’s a must see!

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