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By Doug Brunell | December 28, 2004

“Ten Bloody Fingers” plays a lot like an urban legend come to life. A story about a mysterious killer is told at a party, and the next day finds our hero (Bruce Romans) living the tale. The set-up is well-paced and the execution is fairly spot-on, but the climax doesn’t quite live up to the rest of the film, mainly because you see it coming almost right from the start. That can destroy a horror movie, but it’s not that bad here because the rest of the film is handled well enough to keep your interest even when you know the road it is taking.

Writer and director Chris Lee would’ve been wise to throw in another twist or two just to keep viewers on their toes. Instead he opts for a slow sense of dread and almost pulls it off. For horror fans, this is reason enough to watch the film, but those who don’t enjoy such endeavors will be hard-pressed to understand the appeal.

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