Ten talented young filmmakers from across the U.S. will be honored at two special screenings at AFI Fest 2001. On November 8 at 7pm, AFI Fest 2001 will present HBO 10 UP at the Vogue Theatre in Hollywood. HBO 10 UP is a selection of new works by the top ten young filmmakers selected from last season’s 30 by 30: KID FLICKS on HBO Family. The film event will feature a panel discussion with the young filmmakers.
On Friday, November 9 at 10am, HBO and AFI will present the same program to area high school students at the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood. Students from six L.A. Unified and L.A. County schools have been invited to attend. All ten young HBO 10 UP filmmakers, who are responsible for virtually every aspect of their films, from budgeting and casting to shooting and editing, will attend the screenings and host panel discussions afterwards. Please see attached list of the HBO 10 UP films featured at AFI FEST 2001 this year.
At both events, HBO Family will bring the magic of movie making to AFI FEST 2001with the HBO Family Mobile Film Studio. The studio is a state-of-the-art, 34-foot mobile learning lab which offers a variety of interactive activities designed to help kids navigate their way through the filmmaking process. Exhibits include a series of iMac stations with tutorials on pre-production, production and post-production, as well as a hands-on lab demonstrating everything from lighting to special effects. The mobile unit will be parked in front of the theaters prior to, during and after the screenings.
Each of the HBO 10 UP filmmakers were selected for the promise shown in their previous filmmaking experiences on 30 by 30: KID FLICKS. Their new films range in topics that include racism, African-American folk stories, diabetes, and the dangers of Internet chat rooms.
“We’re very impressed with the quality of their films and the depth in which they delved into their subject matter,” stated Dolores Morris, VP for HBO Family. “We value AFI’s enthusiasm to showcase these films and to create a unique opportunity for young filmmakers to share their works with their peers and to learn from industry professionals.”
Here’s the line-up of films.
Spiddles 7:30 Nick Corirossi 14 Miami, FL ^ Comedy – A young writer interests Hollywood with his screenplay, only to have his actor steal all the glory.
French Restaurant 8:20 Duncan Knappen 13 Austin, TX ^ Rusty Kelley 14 Austin, TX ^ Comedy – Two boys open a “French Cuisine” restaurant in their back yard to raise money for a big screen TV.
Stop And Smell The 10:30 Christina Frenzel 15 Los Altos Hills, CA
Sprinkles ^ Documentary – A filmmaker who was recently diagnosed with diabetes interviews other young people with serious illnesses.
Women And Men 4:10 Amina Jones 13 Portland, OR
Started Even ^ Clay Animation – An African-American folk tale about the origin of the differences between men and women.
In Darkness 9:00 Jerome Pritchard 18 Indianapolis, IN ^ Drama – A high school girl’s chat room activities lead to being stalked by a dangerous man.
Rough Day 9:50 Ryan Wieber 17 San Jose, CA ^ Comedy – An anxious day for a middle school boy when he misunderstands a bully’s request to meet him after school.
A Click Away 4:15 Oliver Millar 14 Ottawa, Canada ^ Clay Animation – An adventure through the computer screen where one boy is pulled into many worlds at your fingertips.
Requiem For A Superhero 14:45 Molly Bloom 18 Minneapolis, MN ^ Comedy – A superhero on his day off must come to terms with his own imperfection when he can’t play basketball.
Gimme Cookies 6:49 Callie Pfeiffer 15 Hamel, MN ^ Ashli Pfeiffer 14 Hamel, MN ^ Maggie Kelley 16 Hamel, MN ^ Sabrina Kelley 16 Hamel, MN ^ Comedy – A little girl must employ great ingenuity to reach the cookie jar on top of the fridge.
Beef Chop 4:00 Brad Schaffer 14 Benton City, WA ^ Clay Animation – A boy is haunted at night by a mysterious children’s show character.
Tickets are available by calling 1-866-AFI-FEST or by logging on to AFIfest.com.
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