Terminator Vs YOU: VR Battle at Irvine Spectrum Center SPACES Image

Terminator Vs YOU: VR Battle at Irvine Spectrum Center SPACES

By Chris Gore | August 28, 2018

SPACES parks and attractions has raised the curtain on a new VR experience: Terminator Salvation: Fight for the Future.

Located at the recently renovated Irvine Spectrum Center in Orange County, CA, SPACES will provide you a VR rig and the opportunity to FPS the hell out of metal death machines. Bring a group and save the future together.

Technical innovations include touches like SPACES FACES, which is a proprietary 3D scan of guests faces to personalize your VR presence and immersive equipment including the HP Omen X VR Backpack workstation PC.

“We designed our VR backpacks precisely to enable visionary, driven teams to create groundbreaking social experiences,” explains Joanna Popper, head of location-based VR entertainment for HP. “SPACES attractions are a natural fit to showcase the unique adventures you can experience when you’re not tethered to a desktop PC or a television. SPACES location-based XR attractions give people the ability to experience a game or movie from the inside. It’s not storytelling, it’s story-living.”

Tickets here: https://www.spaces.com/

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