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By Rory L. Aronsky | July 7, 2006

In life, there is tact, holding back what we don’t believe is appropriate to say in certain situations. The same should always hold true for writing, especially in the case of filmmaker Jim Mehsling’s script for “Tebok the Ewok”, as anything that doesn’t work in a script should be excised. Nope. Mehsling’s not gonna go that far, despite Tebok being one Ewok who should have gotten the genuine business end of the stormtrooper’s gun, since the firing power apparently doesn’t work.

And the baby Ewok, a bad Boo-Boo imitation without much to say, except explaining that since he/she/it is a baby Ewok, the food Tebok offers is not palatable for that age. None of this works toward any brief entertainment, nothing more than a slightly slack-jawed reaction as to how this is part of the latest Star Wars Fan Film Awards competition. So it has an Ewok, but whoever was in charge of deciding who the finalists were, made a mistake. The only Ewok that shouldn’t live is a nerve-grating Ewok.

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