By Doug Brunell | September 30, 2004

When a stranger (Christopher Behrens), whose hobby is abducting children, shows up at the door of a little girl named Tiffany (Lemon Courtney Curd), things aren’t going to go well. Tiffany is home alone and having a tea party with her “friends,” which are nothing more than stuffed animals. Once the criminal sits down for a drink, the fun begins.

I don’t want to give away the movie’s ending, but I’ve seen enough films to get an idea of where it was going. It was still enjoyable to watch, however, and there was more to the story than I had originally thought. If you don’t know the film’s destination, though, this will be a bit tense. After all, this is a little girl in the presence of a man who looks like he could do anything … and none of it pleasant. Yes, it is bound to upset parents and people like cultural crusader Michael Medved, but you always need to break a few egos to make a good movie.

Just remember: Serial killers are everywhere, and you never know what you are going to get when you answer the door … or knock at one, for that matter.

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