Shot Breakdown with The Vast of Night Cast Image

Shot Breakdown with The Vast of Night Cast

By Chris Gore | February 4, 2019

According to many who braved the freezing temperatures and snow to see movies in Park City, Utah, there is one film that has both inspired and sparked great interest among festivalgoers. This movie did not screen as part of Sundance, in fact, it’s a little science fiction movie set in the 1950s that played the Slamdance Film Festival that blew audience’s minds. On social media, many commented that the Slamdance narrative feature award winner was not only the best film at Slamdance, it may be the best film they had seen in Park City. There is still a lot of mystery surrounding The Vast of Night and some of that was addressed during the post-screening Q&A with the director and cast in attendance.

The most important and that very first question: How did they get that long, creamy smooth take that lasts two minutes and takes us across town, at speeds of 30 plus miles per hour and brings us directly into that high school gymnasium? Well, during the Slamdance Film Festival Q&A for The Vast of Night, the answer is revealed. (Spoiler: It was not easy.)

And if you haven’t already seen it, here is the teaser with the shot they’re all talking about. Now about that epic score…

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