By Chris Gore | June 14, 1999

I never thought I would write this but here goes: I saw a movie that featured Rosie O’Donnell — AND I LIKED IT! First, it helps that this film is a cartoon, so I never actually had to LOOK at Rosie. Rosie O’Donnell plays the cute Terk, a wild ape, in perhaps the role that will define her career. Frankly, if I had my choice in a perfect world, Rosie would be off that lame talk show and ONLY play cartoon apes.
There is not one frame of this film that I would change. Disney animators have reached yet another milestone by perfectly blending cel animation with computer graphics — the scenes of Tarzan leaping through the jungle are breathtaking. Disney has the formula down pat as Tarzan does plenty to please the adults in a smart storyline that also satisfies the kiddies. If only other studios making animated features would get a clue and consider making cartoons for adults, perhaps they would break Disney’s monopoly on the genre. Tarzan is a blast for both kids and grownups like myself and gets my recommendation.

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