By Admin | January 12, 1998

OK, so like these four dudes are getting smoked out, RIGHT? When one of them has to get, like, some munchies, RIGHT? But he doesn’t come back ’cause he feeds candy to a diabetic police horse and kills it, so he goes to jail. The others become dealers to get enough money to get him out. Wacky hijinx ensue.
Director Tamra Davis has made a Cheech and Chong film for the ’90’s on Universal’s dime. Maybe we’ll get a ride out of it for the Theme park? The second half of the E. T. ride is already pretty close. The preview screening I went to was only about 40% full. Apparently, the rest of the target audience couldn’t make it off of the couch. Gratuitous stoner cameos galore: Jon Stewart, Snoop Doggy Dog, Willie Nelson, Janeane Garofalo and yes, Tommy Chong. The title refers to your expected condition when you see this movie. Oh well. It’ll be HUGE on video.

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