By Film Threat Staff | October 20, 2003

One could write a whole ramble rant about Tarantino’s recent comments on 9/11, but we’ll just let the man speak for himself. The following interview segment was taken from the new issue of Rolling Stone.
Q: Has 9/11 or the war on terror had any impact on you personally or creatively?

A: “9/11 didn’t affect me, because there’s, like, a Hong Kong movie that came out called ‘Purple Storm’ and it’s fantastic, a great action movie. And they work in a whole big thing in the plot that they blow up a giant skyscraper. It was done before 9/11, but the shot almost is a semiduplicate shot of 9/11. I actually enjoyed inviting people over to watch the movie and not telling them about it. I shocked the s**t out of them…I was almost thrilled by that naughty aspect of it. It made it all the more exciting.”
Q: But on some level you must have been caught up in the reality of 9/11.
A: “I was scared, like everybody else. ‘OK, what is this new world we’re going to be living in? Is it going to be f*****g Belfast here?’ And I didn’t want to f*****g fly nowhere. I remember thinking at the time – this was when they were shooting the ‘Matrix’ sequels in Australia – ‘What if everything, all this s**t, breaks out, man?’ And all that’s left in Hollywood are the ‘Matrix’ people? That would be a fuckin’ drag’ (Laughs).”

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