By Eric Campos | December 26, 2003

“Who does that a*****e think he is driving that big f*****g tank?” Ever wonder this about the guy in the SUV that just cut you off on the road? You’re bound to find out right here as the SUV drivers of America are interrogated by a bogus television crew about their vehicle of choice in the parking lot of a Whole Foods Market. And at the end of this short film, you’re likely to find out that you’re assumption that the person behind the big f*****g tank is an a*****e to be correct.
When asked why an SUV, the interviewees offer answers little better than “you can run over curbs” or “it’s the new hip thing to replace the mini-van.” No one questioned admitted to actually using their sports utility vehicle for anything sportier than picking the kids up at school and when asked about the war in Iraq, each one of them stood next to their gas guzzling pieces of s**t and declared their support of our troops. Yeah, I bet they do.
More depressing than funny, “TANKUP.US” is just another look at how shitty people in this country can be with their race to have the biggest dick on the road.

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