By admin | November 27, 2003

In this DVD, which is basically what I reviewed in the “All Animation Edition” of Microcinema’s Independent Exposure, Lev draws the rest of the pictures of his characters as he narrates what he believes and talks about various happenings in his life. In one story, he talks about seeing a girl at the party that he wanted to f**k, but she was talking to someone else and he decided to get flaming drunk and then went home and whacked off.
There’s a rhythm to Lev’s narration if you listen to it close enough. At certain times, he speaks slow enough as if examining the situation at hand himself and at other times, he speaks very quickly. In this way, he seems to be mimicking the speeds of life and that helps “Tales of Mere Existence” very much.
A lot of people will find much to relate to in all of Lev’s autobiographical stories and not only on here, but also on atomfilms.com where he has a few shorts there as well. Whether it is “Pickle”, where Lev questions his heterosexuality, or “Branding”, which is a dead-on satire of corporate advertising and products, he has the ability to also have us raise questions in ourselves about who we are and what might be going on in our lives. Deep as it sounds, it’s a fun way to have that happen.

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