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By Mark Bell | June 12, 2007

Jamie and I called Monday night early, deciding we’d be better off preparing for the days to come rather than continuing at the break-neck pace the festival fun requires. So we missed out on the party at the observation deck at the Stratosphere. I did see an impromptu volunteer and staff dance fest in the HQ yesterday during Happy HQ Hour, so it’s not like no fun was had all evening, I was just more a casual observer than an active participant. That will likely change for the rest of the fest, as we’ve got a sweet-something going on this evening and tomorrow evening for sure.

So what am I doing right now, you might wonder? Catching up on reviews and listening to Menomena’s “Friend or Foe.” One thing I’ve noticed while I’ve been typing away is that I have very little negative to say about a majority of the films, which is a testament to the programming. Just a very solid slate, evenly set out. We’re in the second half of the fest, I’m tired and I still have films that I WANT to see, am looking forward to seeing. I know that may not seem like a big deal, but do the festival circuit for 5 or more years and then re-visit the idea.

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