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By Doug Brunell | March 26, 2005

“Superhero Excelsior” is a parody of comic books and the shows and movies based on them. It includes references to various X-Men, Rancid, “Battlestar Galactica,” “Pulp Fiction” and more, and parts of it are funny … but only parts. There is much to this film that just doesn’t work.

The story involves your basic cliced plot to take over the world.
Fare Vanity (played with maniacal glee by Scott Johnson) is about to get his hands on a mind-controlling elixir, but Dirk Factor (John Nila) and his robot sidekick, Cyro (Raymond Harrington), want to stop him before that ever happens. As to be expected, they aren’t exactly the most competent heroes around, but that’s okay because the villains aren’t very smart, either. All of that is incidental, however, as the plot acts more like a delivery system for the jokes, which sometimes seem forced. This can work from time to time, as in many of Low Budget Pictures’ movies, but this isn’t one of those incidents. That is fairly disappointing because all the people involved in this film have a lot of talent, and writer/director Felix Diaz knows the stuff he’s spoofing.

The movie’s heart is in the right place, and some of the gags are
brilliant, but it’s still a miss. ‘Nuff said.

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