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By Film Threat Staff | March 5, 2004

Since the successful premiere of “Super Size Me” at Sundance this past January, McDonalds has decided to phase out their Super Size portions of filth. You can’t help but wonder if Morgan Spurlock’s film had anything to do with this.
This from Morgan –
That’s right! We’ve changed the world! McDonald’s is officially “phasing out” their Super Size options. Although they’ll be the first ones to say that this decision has “nothing to do with that (film) whatsoever” You can’t help but question and examine their motives and the timeliness of this announcement as the opening of the film draws nearer.
The film is scheduled to open in theaters towards the end of May.
I, however, will bask in the deep fried glory of this announcement and I will tip my hat to McDonald’s for making their first sound judgement in years. It’s a fantastic day and its a huge positive step in battling the obesity epidemic in America. While I may have had “nothing” to do with it, I will smile every time I think about the extra cents they won’t be charging you, the extra gallons you won’t be drinking and the 3.5 cans of soda that will never be served in one of those giant cups again.
Enjoy America – the largest size you can get now is a quart. (2.75 cans of soda.) Mmmmmmm.

For more info, visit the Super Size Me website.

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