We hit the ground running and spent an inordinate amount of time walking around with the webcam rolling. I have no idea if the footage was interesting, it was mostly Don, Pete and I jabbering on while we got out badges, ate lunch / dinner at Iron Works and then swung by the Registrants tent for free drinks. I had a free Fuze, choosing not to touch the alcohol until much later.

The webcam has definitely been a conversation starter, but I think that has to do, primarily, with how unbelievably silly it looks. For those wondering what the rig is, I’ll get pics tomorrow, but essentially it’s my laptop bag hung over my shoulder, with the laptop, external back-up battery, usb broadband modem and microphone connected to the webcam, which is mounted on a velcro covered piece of plumbing pipe, which is velcro’ed to the laptop back strap a la the laser from “Predator.” It’s precarious and, again, silly, but it has worked thus far.

Don and Pete are out at screenings, and I just finished watching Michael Blieden’s doc “Super High Me.” The review’ll be up tomorrow, and I’m interviewing Blieden and Doug Benson tomorrow afternoon, which should be fun. Both guys are pretty hilarious.

Anyway, going out to the opening night party in about an hour, and plan to take many pics of random people to run on the site, so look forward to that. Or not.

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