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By Film Threat Staff | February 13, 2003

The 2003 Sundance Film Festival has come to pass, bringing Park City perhaps their best program of films yet. Very few complaints were heard from the intrepid Film Threat staff, which is a rare case indeed. In fact, when we weren’t fighting over who was next to fill the fridge with beer, the Film Threat condo was buzzing with praise for most of the films we were seeing…at least four a day. Good news for you guys is that many of these films will be making their way into theaters later in the year. Just remember that you heard about them here first!
Along with seeing more films in just over a week than normal human beings would be able to handle, we also run into a lot of interesting people. Most notable was Chris Gore’s encounter with the Sundance Kid himself, Robert Redford. Gore interviewed Redford for his show on STARZ – “Festival Pass With Chris Gore.” Before the interview, Redford informed Gore that he loves the Film Threat website and was more than happy to have us in town covering the festival. Who woulda thunk it?
Listed below are links to the reviews of films we saw at Sundance this year. We’re still writing and posting reviews, so keep checking back to this story for updates. Also, Gore’s Sundance photo diary is coming very soon…we promise. Until then, get into our reviews and start making plans for what you want to see this year.
PREMIERES ^ Levity directed by Ed Solomon ^ People I Know directed by Dan Algrant ^ It’s All About Love directed by Thomas Vinterberg ^ The Event directed by Thom Fitzgerald ^ Confidence directed by James Foley ^ Soldier’s Girl directed by Frank Pierson ^ In America directed by Jim Sheridan ^ Masked and Anonymous directed by Larry Charles ^ Off the Map directed by Campbell Scott ^ Film Threat Sundance Favorite: Normally applause would follow every screening, but after The Event, not a single audience member applauded because everyone was busy crying.
SPECIAL SCREENINGS ^ Tupac: Resurrection directed by Lauren Lazin
ANIMATION SPOTLIGHT ^ The Freak directed by Aristomenis Tsirbas
DOCUMENTARY COMPETITION ^ Brother Outsider: The Life of Bayard Rustin directed by Nancy Kates, Bennett Singer ^ Bukowski: Born Into This directed by John Dullaghan ^ The Murder of Emmett Till directed by Stanley Nelson ^ My Flesh and Blood directed by Jonathan Karsh ^ The Pill directed by Chana Gazit, David Steward ^ Robert Capa: In Love and War directed by Anne Makepeace ^ The Same River Twice directed by Robb Moss ^ Stevie directed by Steve James ^ Tom Dowd & the Language of Music directed by Mark Moorman ^ The Weather Underground directed by Sam Green, Bill Siegel ^ Film Threat Sundance Favorite: Bukowski: Born Into This will have fans of the poet drooling all over themselves.
DRAMATIC COMPETITION ^ All the Real Girls directed by David Gordon Green ^ American Splendor directed by Shari Springer Berman, Robert Pulcini ^ The Cooler directed by Wayne Kramer ^ Dopamine directed by Mark Decena ^ The Mudge Boy directed by Michael Burke ^ Pieces of April directed by Peter Hedges ^ Quattro Noza directed by Joey Curtis ^ The Station Agent directed by Tom McCarthy ^ The Technical Writer directed by Scott Saunders ^ The United States of Leland directed by Matthew Ryan Hoge ^ What Alice Found directed by A. Dean Bell ^ Film Threat Sundance Favorite: Not only is American Splendor one of our favorites, but you couldn’t walk ten feet in Park City without hearing how wonderful it is.
AMERICAN SHOWCASE ^ City of Ghosts directed by Matt Dillon ^ Laurel Canyon directed by Lisa Cholodenko ^ Normal directed by Jane Anderson ^ Raising Victor Vargas directed by Peter Sollett ^ Film Threat Sundance Favorite: New York indie film at its best, Raising Victor Vargas is just that good!
AMERICAN SPECTRUM ^ Bookies directed by Mark Illsley ^ Born Rich directed by Jamie Johnson ^ The Boys of 2nd Street Park directed by Dan Klores, Ron Berger ^ Cry Funny Happy directed by Sam Neave ^ Detective Fiction directed by Patrick Coyle ^ A Foreign Affair directed by Helmut Schleppi ^ Love and Diane directed by Jennifer Dworkin ^ Milk and Honey directed by Joe Maggio ^ Film Threat Sundance Favorite: Born Rich supports the urge to beat spoiled rich brats on the head with a baseball bat.
WORLD CINEMA ^ 28 Days Later directed by Danny Boyle ^ AKA directed by Duncan Roy ^ Bend it Like Beckham directed by Gurinder Chadha ^ The Death of Klinghoffer directed by Penny Woolcock ^ Fear X directed by Nicolas Winding Refn ^ Madame Sata directed by Karim Ainouz ^ The Missing Gun directed by Lu Chuan ^ Open Hearts directed by Susanne Bier ^ Film Threat Sundance Favorite: 28 Days Later makes being a zombie a respectable thing once again.
WORLD CINEMA DOCUMENTARY ^ Bus 174 directed by Jose Padilha ^ Frescoes directed by Alexander Gutman ^ Iran: Veiled Appearances directed by Thierry Michel ^ The Purified directed by Jesper Jargil
FRONTIER ^ At the First Breath of Wind directed by Franco Piavoli ^ Cremaster III directed by Matthew Barney ^ Irreversible directed by Gasper Noe
PARK CITY AT MIDNIGHT ^ Spun directed by Jonas Akerlund
SHORTS ^ D.E.B.S. directed by Angela Robinson ^ Fits & Starts directed by Vince Di Meglio
Note to Filmmakers: If your film did not receive a review in our Sundance 2003 wrap up, please just send us a copy on video and we will be sure to get it covered on the site.

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