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By Eric Campos | April 20, 2005

The dead are a walkin’. And they’ve been doing so for a while now, long enough that the initial shock of a worldwide zombie plague has worn off. As we enter the story of “The Resurrection Game”, zombies have become pests, not unlike your common roach. Got zombies in the basement? Call the exterminator. And that’s where a couple of our main characters are introduced. Amy Lynn Best and Bill Homan are rival zombie exterminators. When they show up to the same gig, they reluctantly team up. Along with a detective and his scientist buddy hired to discover the cause of this zombie infestation, the exterminators kick some zombie a*s, while revealing an evil corporation as the instigator of this whole mess.

The two movies I can’t help but associate the look and feel of “The Resurrection Game” with are John Carpenter’s “Dark Star” and Peter Jackson’s “Bad Taste.” Mostly “Dark Star” because, just as John Carpenter’s cult classic, this is a film with a sci-fi edge that doesn’t let budgetary constraints bring the show down. Mike Watt and crew take what they have and they make it work. And then there’s the “Bad Taste” connection, not only because of the hardcore monster mash going down here, but because it has that same kind of punk rock spirit, the same balls out sense of fun that makes Jackson’s movie such a classic. But “The Resurrection Game” is entirely its own movie. It’s an original entry into the zombie sub-genre that these filmmakers so obviously love and it’s one of the more fun indie zombie flicks I’ve seen.

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